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  1. Why nothing from 1972? That was Zeppelin's best year imo. I'll just say Since I've Been Loving - Long Beach Arena '72
  2. I don't mind that it is under construction, but it's been quite a few months and no moderators even care to answer my question.
  3. I'd assume just because they are all Englishmen, it's not like they did it for the money themselves.
  4. Can an admin/moderator please tell me? This is getting pathetic.
  5. Oh then in that case I 100% agree. Sorry bout that.
  6. Noise solo? He uses a slide... It's awesome.
  7. That's all you felt like contributing? You're kind for replying.
  8. No order for me. John Paul Jones John Entwistle Geddy Lee Mike Gordon Jack Bruce Les Claypool
  9. I have this in it's original packaging unopened.
  10. Heard Black Dog when I was in elementary school. Loved it ever since and my love has only grown since.
  11. I remember reading that, but riddle me this Batman... Why do we see and hear JPJ playing an organ solo to Thank You on the DVD in the extras?? I still wonder...
  12. Came into this thread hoping to find JPJ in a pimp suit on a mini bus.
  13. Well, we all know he doesn't shoot up anymore. He may drink and smoke a little, but I doubt he does blow.
  14. This was a serious question, any word when it should be back? Sam? Anyone?
  15. I think you're confusing his 4 string 62' Fender Jazz bass with his 71' 5 string Fender Jazz bass.
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