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  1. If WIC had been released prior to CDs it would have been a double album. It's just not "double-album-worthy" imho. But take your favorite 8 songs, whichever 8 those may be, and you probably have a good to great album. Just a wee bit too much filler for a start-to-finish listen for me.
  2. It doesn't compare. It is miles better than S&A.
  3. Me too. Already paid for my vinyl version pre-ordered. Will also get the CD at Best Buy, $9.99.
  4. Plus not everyone lives in the US. There was a UK "fanpack" released already and fans who pre-ordered have been receiving them and uploading them. So yeah it's not "released" yet in the US but it is out, leaked, and brilliant !
  5. Really, a band that's been together 40 years and is as old as they are has no right making an album THIS good.
  6. Does anyone really think this will ever happen ? I think Jimmy's tank has been empty for a long time.
  7. I hope something comes of this in terms of new music being released. Plant with Adams was the last time he did something listenable. Adams and Juldeh kick ass in their own right.
  8. The NFL will not allow a Joe Flacco vs. Alex Smith Superbowl. SF/NE
  9. Bought them more to frame and hang than for the Fidelity. Will go back and pick up the rest if they still have them.
  10. May have been covered before, but frankly am too lazy to check. So, I was in a record shop yesterday, and I came across Zep picture discs from I through HOH with exception of IV. Price was around $30 each. Good buy ? I picked up I and II.
  11. Had it for a week. Can't say enough good things about it. If you like Zeppelin or Purple I think you will absolutely LOVE this album. Glenn Hughes manages to keep his histrionics under control for the most part.
  12. Rhythmeen is their last great album. Mescalero had too much filler, and was brickwalled too, which makes it unlistenable. But had much better material than XXX which was/is rubbish. Could have been good if they had trimmed it and mastered it properly. Live, these guys have been mailing it in with the same core setlist for years now, and they continue to lip synch "Legs". C'mon Billy, with all that great back catalog we really don't NEED "Legs", if you can't sing it, stick in something else !
  13. Happy Birthday!!

  14. Post some pics in November or February when you're not having a freak heatwave
  15. To "Big"Dan: OC is where I live, been living here 20 years, but still a Euro. And yeah, sorry , "sometimes", but FWIW your posts ARE always worth reading. It's always a bit of an adventure, will it be "Morecambe" Dan or will it be "Wise" Dan......
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