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  1. Bought a few nice goodies during record store day. On vinyl
  2. Anyone mentioned The White Lies yet ? No, then White Lies. The Answer of course.
  3. Other than Johnny Cash don't care for it too much, but I kinda like these guys http://www.myspace.com/whiskeyfalls
  4. Nothing better than that first cup of coffee....................
  5. Not sure how the friend thing works, but regardless, hi friend !

  6. Not sure how the friend thing works, but regardless, hi friend !

  7. Not sure how the friend thing works, but regardless, hi friend !

  8. Thanks to silly fairy stories I get a day off work today !
  9. oh not me....can't wait for the day my youngest leaves the nest ! You'll have grandparenthood to look forward to, all the fun of the toddler, none of the responsibility or clean up !
  10. Wow....... Well it's been a week and we're still holding our breath every time we hear a siren in the area...... I have more empathy for what MY parents went through now ! Somehow with my daughter it was easier.
  11. I hear ya, we'll be down to low-60's and may have a shower Thursday !!!!
  12. My son passed his driver's test. Insurance rates through the roof, and someone so clumsy he will randomly fall off a stool for no apparent reason has been deemed fit by the state of California to be put in sole charge of a 2-ton high speed killing machine.......
  13. As Led Zeppelin-ish a song as you're likely to hear: Kings of Leon - Crawl (the album sucks donkey balls tho)
  14. Hurt Locker - 2 Thumbs up from Mr. and Mrs. Toscano Breach. Ditto. Chris Cooper is one hell of an underrated actor. It's a shame he doesn't get more leading roles, the price of being butt ugly I guess.
  15. MUSE Also be trying to score Maiden tix tomorrow
  16. If you want to convert to mp3 or wav I use Switch sound file converter. Free and fast.
  17. Ten Years Gone. Interesting to see other people talk about requesting IMTOD to be played at their funeral. I once had that thought also, but then realized that to the rest of my family the song would forever be associated with my death, so have canned that idea, I'd prefer they enjoy the song rather than have it be a reminder of a sad event.
  18. Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds of the western world from the Peel Sessions CD
  19. Pondering the idea that Smocke may be the good guy, not Jacob

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