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  1. The album Perfect Strangers is a masterpiece, and I must confess I rate it higher than any LZ album. Ritchie Blackmore is a wizard if I ever saw one.
  2. Blackmore has hinted he might want to join DP again, however a few months ago IG said it will never happen. Personally I would very much want them to join forces for greater good, to once again form the monster of individual contribution. Jon Lord would have to come back too, of course.
  3. I remember reading about a fan (foreigner on LZ pilgimage across England) who went to see the house where Robert Plant lives. To her surprise RP was at home, he politely invited her inside for a cup of tee. She said the painting was there, hanging on the wall. I can't find the article anymore, it's been well over 10 years now, it was a kind of diary on the internet. If the painting does represent George Pickingill, why would RP have it on his wall? Not his cup of tea, so to say. Does anyone know where the painting is now? Or better yet; has anyone here actually seen it?
  4. Here's some good news from the BBC: Led Zeppelin musicians Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham have been working on new material. Drummer Bonham told a radio station in Detroit that the songs could be destined for a new Led Zeppelin album. Writing new material has been "on the cards" since the band's one-off reunion show in London last December, he told 94.7 WCSX. But lead singer Robert Plant has not been involved in any of the sessions, he added. 'Phenomenal thing' "At the moment, all I know is I have the great pleasure to go and jam with the two guys and start
  5. Hammer of the Gods - Thor's hammer, known as Mjolnir ("crusher") to vikings. Thor was the God of thunder, and Mjolnir had the power to throw lightning bolts. "Hammer of the Gods will drive our ships to new land" could refer to thunder, which vikings must have thought sounded like the hammer of Gods. I'm not sure if I remember this correctly, but the vikings may have found the new land by accident, when on one occasion their ships were caught in a thunderstorm (or were forced to change direction because of the storm) and got away from their normal route.
  6. Reporting from Finland: all LZ songs seem to be banned here for commercial reasons. We only have commercial radio stations and radio stations who feel they must play the same stuff as the commercial ones do. So no Zeppelin for us. Hearing LZ on the airwaves here is such a rare occasion that I actually remember the both times. Last one was in the fall of 2006, the one before that was over 10 years ago and I can't remember for sure if it was summer or fall. And I am not joking. It's a ridiculous situation, the stations are funded by big record companies who only want to sell us new artis
  7. The finnish media is very reliable (unlike in some countries), actually I can't remember the last time a "confirmed" rumour such as this proved to be false. This is the fact that got my hopes up, I firmly believe it is true. Had it been in The Sun or some other similar rag I would not have even read it through. I contacted the Finland's biggest promoter (most likely one to bring LZ), the reply was: "Unfortunately we don't have confirmed information about this event yet". Of course they can't confirm it before LZ confirms anything. It was not an automated reply, and they could have just sa
  8. The Viking vibe sounds good Back then a 1000 years ago most finns lived in dugouts and were mostly miserable creatures, but there were viking settlements on our coasts, and the Norwegian vikings who went up north to Lappland to collect taxes often had to fight us thieving Karelians
  9. Steve as you probably know, Jimmy hitch-hiked across Scandinavia in the 60's. Do you know if he visited Finland back then? He did visit Sweden and there have been rumours he may have taken a ferry across to Finland.
  10. Ah, yes. What I was thinking was the anthem of the Kilted Yaksmen, apparently. All very off-topic but I guess it's ok as we will probably have to wait a bit for the official confirmation. "Le Danger"...”Le Nuclear Bomb". Shit, it's all in French. anyone for that?
  11. That's from Ren & Stimpy, right? Yes, with LZ we definately have it all.
  12. Some info about the source; The Voice TV is owned and operated by the SBS Broadcasting Group, based in London, so it's not some small finnish site looking for publicity. I would assume they'd remove the article if it was not correct. And about the subject in general; it's been 9 months since the O2 and Robert Plant has not said LZ will definately not tour. Either LZ will tour or he has not made up his mind yet, which I don't believe as the tour preparations take months. The only reason I can think of is he will not want the LZ hype interfere with the tour he's on at the moment.
  13. Whatever. If it was in the US news first you'd have no problem believing it. The way I see it, there is just 1 place in Finland Zeppelin could perform: the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, which holds 50 000+. The stadium must be booked well beforehand as it hosts many big acts every year, and f.ex. the soccer World Championships qualifying games etc. Therefore some people not connected to booking agencies and such will definately know about it. I believe that's where the news came from.
  14. Maybe I did exaggerate about the confirmation, but this news is all over finnish media now. Another online newspaper says (again according to a reliable source) that LZ will announce the tour details in September.
  15. http://www.voice.fi/article.jsp?subpage=mu...id=4441538& It's all in finnish.
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