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  1. David, many many many thanks once again! When I opened your package this evening, I was gobsmacked! I just can't thank you enough!! Seriously! 

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 3 year Forum Anniversary (from your sign up date, I noticed that its been 3 years since you joined the forums!) :)

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    2. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      No worries, friend! :) I started a new job too, a while back and I understand the flurry of work! I check in sometimes through my phone but I don't post as much as I used to. 

    3. Sathington Willoughby

      Sathington Willoughby

      Hey congrats again on the new job. I have a feeling it will go well for you, mine has gone great so far, and most of my co-workers are really cool. 

    4. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      Thanks Morgan! And a big congrats to you too! I am so glad to know that things are going great for you at work! :friends: I bet you love your job, just like I do! :D 

  3. Time for a 60's Garage Rock and Punk Blowout!!

  4. Hi! :) Thanks for the add! Cheers! :)

  5. Hi Sean, I am really sorry that I have been out of touch. I am just about recovering from a bout of the stomach flu. I'll write to you in a couple of days. Cheers! :)

  6. Hey, I just checked the Cinema listings for Celebration Day and tickets are now on sale in Italy! :) Cheers! :)

    1. JuliaFinch


      Thank you so much indeed, I saw it three days ago :) I'm just waiting for a friend of mine -who's a fan as well- to tell me what time he prefers for the show...

      Tomorrow I'll try to find out, and I hope he's decided yet, otherwise I start to worry a bit!

      Nice getting to know you!

      Julia F

    2. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      Nice getting to know you too! :-) I just found out that tickets go on sale on the 26th of September here in NZ! I am so happy right now! It's just crazy! LOL! ;-)

  7. Hi Missy! Thank you so much for your PM! :) I really miss talking to you too! I will be replying to it in a couple of days! It's been so long! Thank you for thinking of me! Hope you're having a lovely day so far! :)

  8. Hi Sean! :) Thank you so much for both the emails you sent me. Apologies for not being able to keep in touch for so damn long! My Uni work is literally burying me alive at the moment! Today is like the first time I have come on here in 2 months! Anyway, things are looking up! :) How are you? Hope you're doing better now after all that tiresome stuff regarding your phone and all! :)

    1. Strider


      Thanks Kiwi! Always good to hear from you. I sort of figured Uni had you busy. Keep flying the Garage-Rock flag!

  9. Happy Birthday my friend! :) Miss you here!! :'(

  10. Hi Rachel! :) Lovely to hear from you! Looking forward to your email and your exciting news! :)

  11. Hiya Missy! :) It's good to be back! Your PM made my day! :D Thank you so very much!! :D

  12. Hi Rachel! Just dropping by to say hi! :) Cheers! :) ~ Preetha

  13. Hi Kate! :) Just dropping by to say hello!! :)

  14. Merry Christmas Sean!! :D Hope you're having a lovely day! Thank you for both your emails! And thank you for sending me those photos of the squirrel! So cute! That made my day! :D And most of all thank you for being my friend! :D

  15. Hi Deb! :) Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes! :) Much appreciated! :) Have a lovely day! :)

  16. Hi Sean!! :) Hope you're well! :) Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Cheers! :) Hope you have a lovely day! :)

  17. Hello my lovely friend! :) Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes! :) In case you don't know, I received that beautiful card you made for me the other day! :)

  18. Hi Rachel! :) That is such a pretty profile photo of yourself! :)

  19. Hi Missy! :) Hopefully we will (with Sam's help of course! ;)) be able to solve the "array" problem! About the background image, first go to your profile, then click on "edit profile", then under "your options", click on "profile" and then click "profile customization".You can either upload a background image either directly from a website or upload an image from your computer! Hope this helps! :)

  20. Hi Missy! :) I think I've finally figured out why I keep getting those stupid array messages while sending PMs! In case you haven't noticed, my PMs usually contain a lot of smilies! LOL! Well, it turns out that those smilies are the problem. Because while PMing one of my other friends here, I drastically reduced the number of smilies in my PM and lo and behold! It worked! :)

  21. Missy, I get that "array" message after hitting the add reply button and composing the PM. Hopefully, Sam can rectify this error, eventually! :)

  22. Hi Missy! :) Thank you for your PM! It really made my day! I couldn't reply via the PM system here because I kept getting that stupid "array" message so I decided to reply through You Tube! Sorry about that! Anyway, hope you're having a lovely day so far! Cheers! :)

  23. Hi Rachel! :) Lovely seeing you on the forums! :) Hope your day is going well! :) Glad to hear you like the CD I gave you! And hey, no need to thank me! :) I honestly had to do something for your birthday! :D BTW, I really love wall paper in your profile! Beautiful taste! :)

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