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  1. WoW that trip back was just AMAZING!, THANK YOU so much loved reading how the sound made the 7year old you feel! and also the fact you bought the Velvet Underground too, it just WoW'd me once again, THANK YOU so much for sharing!! regards......
  2. Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (beginin to end)
  3. oh my word! very difficult as it's my fave album..... but, Moby Dick, because of John Bonhan! (rip)
  4. Letchworth, Herts, United Kingdom....
  5. i really love this track! it may be because it follows on from heartbreak so nicely
  6. i no 1 a guy i used to work with, he's 65 and was into them as he grew up...... see them live all over the place, i owe him alot as he suggested i give Led Zeppelin I a listen and lent it me for a nite, i loved it and went and bought it......
  7. well, i started from Led Zeppelin I thru to Coda, every spare day i'd have i'd listen to them in the order intended..... but when i need my quick Zeppelin fix i always stick on Led Zeppelin II so i'd defo recommend Led Zeppelin I thru to Coda,
  8. well i voted for Led Zeppelin II, but it's closely followed by Physical Graffiti
  9. thank you for the welcome girls....
  10. hello there, i'm Spike™, over the past few years i've been gradually gettin into Led Zeppelin, now i'm happy to say they are my Fave band! i've started reading quite afew bits about the band and how they began, what happened and what the remainin bandmates have done since, [r.i.p John Bonham] hopfully i'll learn more here, and maybe contribute in the future in someway, regards Spike™
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