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  1. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Les Paul Classic. The studio is stock, but I replaced the pickups on the classic with a pair of Seymour Duncan Alnico II. Also have a Fender "Fat Strat" - it's standard stratocaster except with one humbucker. Played off and on since 1969 and should be far better than I am . Was a full time bar bander in the 1970s until realizing that I'd need a glass liver to continue. Having lots of fun playing with a bunch of other old guys playing 2-3 gigs a year. Only Led Zeppelin covers we do are, perhaps not surprisingly, Stairway and Rock and Roll. Much fun and no glass liver needed!
  2. I think "Stairway to heaven" tends to place lower in lists like this than perhaps it should. Trouble with iconic songs like Stairway is that we've all heard them a billion times to the point where they've become caricatures of themselves. I never particularily liked Stairway back in the day, and the years haven't improved my personal liking of it. But I'd also rate it as probably the GREATEST Led Zeppelin song of all, and perhaps the GREATEST rock song ever. Its impact on both music and culture has been that huge. It's defintely the number one song regular (ie non-zep lovers) listeners associate with the band, and perhaps with the 1970s.
  3. I'm not sure about the specific pickups you are referring to but Seymour Duncan pickups are generally very good. I've got a Gibson Les Paul classic that I disliked the sound of, as the pickups were thin and cold sounding. I replaced both with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro APH-1 pickups and the guitar now sounds beautiful. The pickups gave it that classic creamy Les Paul sound that I love.
  4. Well, this is it exactly. To their credit, Led Zeppelin let the band die with their drummer, rather than carry on ala The Who. With Jason Bonham, the three surviving members are, in my mind, still Led Zeppelin. But take away any of them (even Jason Bonham really) and they just aren't. And while I'd like to see Led Zeppelin tour for selfish reasons, I can understand why they wouldn't. They'd like to be remembered as they were in the 70s, and not as they are right now. Robert Plant is well aware he can't hit the high notes as he did in the day, and, while it might not bother the fans as much as I'm sure he thinks it might, I'm sure he doesn't want to go on a tour and be disapointing. He'd rather we remembered the band like they were. And I'm fine with that. KB
  5. Led Zep was the first concert I ever saw. It was in Edmonton, Canada, in July 1969. They went on first before Vanilla Fudge. Remember Page playing Black Mountain Side (or parts of it) and the band closing with "How Many More Times." They also swapped bass players between bands IIRC for at least part of the show.
  6. Well .... While I have been a Led Zeppelin fan, I have never thought much of their recorded live shows. Problem is that they overlay the part so much on the studio albums that it is just not possible to pull most of them off live. As well, while their short live songs are generally fine, when they get into the 25-minute versions of songs it just gets awful (IMHO). Don't get me wrong - I've alway been a Led Zep fan and always will be. But if I was them, I'd get some backing musicians for their upcoming live performance to help do their catalogue justice, and stay away from the long meandering stuff. That being said, there are some good parts in How the West Was Won. It is much better than some of the other live recordings of theirs.
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