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  1. yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssssssss you are absolutely right
  2. No, it's not that i'm shock i'm a fan of Alicia Keys i love her music i'm so ashamed of myself i just find out awhile ago lol it's awesome she loves them i knew Stevie Wonder and Prince were her idols i never thought she heard of Led Zeppelin. I need to stop stereotyping today's artists out there sometimes it do suprises me if someone in the hip hop industry or the mainsteam top 40 industry know about Led Zeppelin. You would think they would say people like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. influence them i know Zeppelin influenced alot of artists from pop to r&b to country to jazz not just the rock n roll genre.
  3. Alicia Keys listen to Zepp? and by the way wtf @ Elvis Costello it's okay his statement doesn't matter to me i don't listen to his music anyways
  4. i love all of them but the one that stands out the most is Dancing Days, The Ocean, No Quarter, and The Rain Song
  5. I could have sworn i saw an article on yahoo says Justin Bieber listens to some classic rock bands oh well it must of been my crazy imagination again lol
  6. Communication Breakdown Stairway to Heaven Dazed and Confused Whole Lotta Love Immigrant Song
  7. House of the Holy and no I am not a pervert i only like the album cover cause it's unique and colorful great cineminatography like the setting.
  8. agree it still sounds like it's brand new
  9. i read somewhere that Justin Bieber yes Justin Bieber listen to bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and Kesha the singer who sing "Tik Tok" she is so horrible idk why she is on top of the charts anyways, she said in an article that someone mistaken her as Robert Plant thank the person because she said it was a good compliment. I'm shock these young stars know who Led Zeppelin is. Even Kristen Stewart who plays Bella from the Twilight series loves Led Zeppelin it's cool she likes them but i can not stand Twilight it's everywhere and it's irritating my nerve cells real talk lol.
  10. this right here is too fregging beautiful it looks like a real photo of Jimmy i'm not kidding I seen your other art work i'm speechless this is too damn beautiful. I do want this as my default pic on my twitter page lol. Blair do you have a twitter page?
  11. this is too perfect omg i want this to be my default pic on my twitter page. Do you mind if i can ask you to put this pic as a default pic on my twitter? omg this is the most beautiful Jimmy Page drawing i ever seen in my life
  12. the beard makes Jimmy looks alot masculine, but i prefer without the beard
  13. I'm a pagette stan I love Jimmy his exotic features his dark eyes makes him sexy and his hair makes him even hotter, but it's only his looks it's his music and him being one of the greatest guitarists in history makes me as a fan.
  14. In the first photo is that Maureen Rob's wife?
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