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    Criticising God!

    great link, ty, really enjoyed the interview, will buy the cd, and, quite frankly, would love to see robert and allison live as much as i would a zep show. let's face it, people have too much expectation, and expect these guys to somehow walk out of a freezer and sound and look exactly as they did in their heyday. who wants to be criticised for not looking or sounding like they did in '73? i mean it's great that there's so much interest, but you know these shows would be crowded with tourists who have money and connections, and so many of the true fans, those that play and live ( and in my case jam) to this great music and groove, would be left by the wayside, unable to get tickets and only able to read about it later... oh well, story of my life, i grew up near montreal, i was 18 in sept. '80, and that was THE heartbreaker of my life, we were going to get them for the tour opener, but alas.... so be it.
  2. blewsyboy

    thank you sam!

    I would like to congratulate mr. Sam Rapallo for being chosen as the administrator of this new site, and take this occasion to thank you, sam, for your wonderful former site (Electric Magic), which i have been going to for many years now, and which i very much appreciated! Much continued success, and thanks again, your work and dedication have, and will continue, to keep us informed, and contribute to the feeling of community, that , hopefully, is one shared by all of the people whom these wonderful artists we know and have known, and will continue to know, as Led Zeppelin have created in their wake! May their legacy last for ever and ever!
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