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  1. waiting for so long it’s not true …. let’s not forget 16 july 2006 “There are unknown performances by Led Zeppelin such as a version of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killing Floor, which they later rewrote as the Lemon Song…” “Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin, who spent years begging for scraps from bootleggers so that he could compile a history of the band in 2003, is keen to dive into the archive. “Bill recorded a San Francisco show that Jimmy remembers as momentous: which Zep fan would not want to hear that?” said an Atlantic Records source last week”. Rolling stone 26 November 2012 Page is also looking at relevant live recordings and film to accompany the reissues. "There are concerts that were recorded – some that might have appeared on bootleg in some shape or form – and a certain amount of footage, though not a lot," he said. "I started doing this with [2003's] Led Zeppelin DVD and [the 2003 three-CD set] How the West Was Won, which was a superb live performance." Page believes BBC Sessions, a 1997 release of Zeppelin's recordings for British radio, "didn't have that open horizon" of the group's best concerts, "where you're just going and going, right over that horizon. Well, it may have been part of the studios released, but it’s seems big enough to be a project on his own. We’ve also have an interesting information from Sam from bill Graham contracts with Zeppelin. It was not until may 1969 that Led zeppelin contracts prohibited films and recordings from theirs shows. Si what about before, we could think that (some or all ?) shows from January and may 1969 were recorded and some of them may have been filmed. Bill SAGAN talked about January shows and PAGE make comments about a particular great show from the Fillmore West in 1969 (like the guy from Atlantic). date is …. 10 January 1969. We can hope for something new when you read the rolling stone interview “ “a certain amount of footage” I think he was talking of never before seen films. so let’s hope for Central park/ Dallas (part of..) 1969, Bath 1970, Montreux 1971/1972 , Amsterdam 72, Paris/Atlanta 1973 …. my hopes 1969 -1973.
  2. and now a song ?!! http://livemusicblog.com/2012/09/08/led-zeppelin-posts-photo-of-the-number-five-internet-explodes/
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    something between Elvis and Jerry Lee Burn up sounds good
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