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  1. ohh yeah, my cousins (2 brothers) are named Bobby and James, and yes its after Jimmy and Robert
  2. every time i drink out of a glass i try to make bonzos symbols on the table from the condensation
  3. its been really hot but i love it here in new york .....................and as i say that it starts raining
  4. Where's that confounded bridge?

  5. I think the white album is my favorite but not from start to finish, just because I think there are some less than solid songs on there, but with yet blues, blackbird, while my guitar gently weeps, helter skelter, dear prudence, and why dont we do it in the road it has to be my favorite, closely followed by Rubber Soul
  6. I dont know why.... but ive never liked kashmir, ive tried for years and years to get into that song but i truly cannot
  7. I never got into Fool in The Rain I also am at the stage now that if i hear stairway to heaven the ENTIRE time it is playing i think of atleast 20 zeppelin songs that are better I stand by Electro 100% on the whole fan thing
  8. I was in New York City for 9/11, so sure HYE gone to a concert for a band youv'e never listened to.
  9. No Lied about your opinions to impress someone
  10. Been LOVING your youtube vids, I have them all favorited on my ipod

  11. When your history teacher asks who John Paul Jones is, you answer, and look like a complete idiot.
  12. :o :o :o :o :o This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened on the internet ever.
  13. How happy would you be if Robert called up one day and wanted to do a tour
  14. When he was younger he said he wanted to be a scientist and study for cancer. I would ask him how hard it must have been to make Coda
  15. ocean, unless its a clean lake Presence or Coda?
  16. heres the actual led zeppelin recent songs played on WBAB 4:14pm today,Kashmir 2:48 pm today, Rock and Roll 1:47pm today, Black Dog 12:14pm today, Over the Hills and Far Away 11:04am today, When the Levee Breaks 9:30am today, Dancing Days 8:32am today, Trampled Under Foot 6:46am today, Ocean 5:09am today, Misty Mountain Top 4:15am today, Stairway To Heaven 2:54am today, Ten Years Gone 1:40 am today, D'yer Mak'er 10:52pm yesterday, All my love 7:36pm yesterday, Going to California 11:31am yesterday, Fool in the Rain 7:24am yesterday, Houses of the Holy 10:20pm tuesday, Wanton Song
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