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  1. i want to have gone to this so badly, born 22 years after though... *sigh*
  2. ohh yeah, my cousins (2 brothers) are named Bobby and James, and yes its after Jimmy and Robert
  3. I think we have been battered with these rumors of a reunion so much that if it ever really happens we wont believe it until they play their first note on stage
  4. well i play guitar and I have a friend that does too and a i have a friend that plays drums. Weve jammed together a few times but havent gotten serious. Just played a few gigs around town. Either of us guitar players could play bass. I did most of the vocals even though i can barely sing. I dont know who would see us though, as we cant pick a genre work with .. We started out with a zeppelinish feel and then moved to post hardcore, then to punk, then ska, then alternative rock, now we just do all of it together and most of the time it sucks but we have our moments.
  5. every time i drink out of a glass i try to make bonzos symbols on the table from the condensation
  6. its been really hot but i love it here in new york .....................and as i say that it starts raining
  7. do you mean our favorite or what we think is the most popular my favorite - HTWWW because it was the first one i heard most popular- TSRTS by far
  8. It's weird how 64 was so far away and out of reach and now that was 6 years ago
  9. That Spanish goal was ridiculous.. They were all looking for the offsides so the goalie stopped playing
  10. Im Christian and i really dont know anybody that even comes close to being as much of a nut as this guy
  11. Albums... Nothings better than putting a record on the turntable, lounging back and just getting into the music.
  12. I'll give you the rest of my lunch money and a bag of skittles... That's all i have
  13. I picked I'm gonna crawl just cus i feel like that was a perfect way to end it and looking back i feel like it was a good closing song to Led Zeppelin, kind of like the end with the Beatles, lt summed up their emotions at the moment of the recording of the song in my opinion
  14. . I may have never really gotten along with her, (she said something mean to me at one point, but I didnt care) but its always sad to see someone leave. I would much rather see a change in character than see someone leave, she was one of the only people on here that would press some people's buttons, and i can kind of respect that.
  15. I think I love this site, in my two years (very on and off) I've only seen a good 2 or 3 rude or mean people/ posts. I think the family we have on here just because of one band and the friendships that have been made on here are great. This website to me id the one I can be the most comfortable on and i think it's great how we can all converse about pretty much anything we want and there will be someone on here to talk about it to.
  16. Where's that confounded bridge?

  17. I think the white album is my favorite but not from start to finish, just because I think there are some less than solid songs on there, but with yet blues, blackbird, while my guitar gently weeps, helter skelter, dear prudence, and why dont we do it in the road it has to be my favorite, closely followed by Rubber Soul
  18. I personally agree that Jeff is the better guitarist in my opinion but I think some cream stuff better than what ive heard From Jeff, and I think if Jeff ever got into a good band with a great singer drummer and bassist he would be much more legendary than Eric, and the only time I've heard of Eric doing to jimmy positively is recommending him to the yardbirds. Obviously Jimmy was my favorite yardbirds guitarist
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