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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked
  2. On an ad on the biography channel on tv that showed what would be on it spelt it Led Zeplin
  3. I'm down. Yer Blues Don't let me down I won't to see Jimmy wailing on taxmans guitar solo
  4. L oud E xcting D elicious Z apatos E ntertaining P ractically P erfect E nchilada L insanity is over L emons I N THE EVENINGGGGGGGG dun dun dun dun dun dun dawwwwawwww N auuugghhhtttyyy (courage the cowardly dog)
  5. I know it isnt on record but When he does the riff to bring it on home at RAH its just downright nasty. On record, probably good times bad times or ten years gone, but that was like a lot of guitars so idk if that counts
  6. haha... Real names Brendan.... I wish it was jimi, or jimmy. I was on a bit of a Hendrix kick when I signed up for this site and now I'm stuck with the name
  7. I like God, don't like the Church.
  8. Wow I first answered this when I was 13 and now I'm 15, next year I'll have to change my answer, and I've told my story before, saw when the levee breaks on news coverage of hurricane Katrina when I was 8, and that started it all.
  9. You know... That one zeppelin song that if you listen to you will be humming all day. I always catch myself humming "with a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat" or " Livin! Lovin! She's just a woman" when I listen to Living Loving Maid.What is yours?
  10. I really like the heartbreaker riff, it's just so bluesy and grimy I love it
  11. What a great game that was, the first 82 unevenful minutes and then Bayern scored and then Drogba headed it in! Then cech with the save and the exciting shootouts,what a great watch! So glad they finally get a win
  12. I dont know why.... but ive never liked kashmir, ive tried for years and years to get into that song but i truly cannot
  13. haha ive seen that so many times.. The achilles vs levee breaks conversations lead to insults and stupif stuff like that
  14. well im 15 and live in long island, Ny. I like to go to concerts and am going to bamboozle on friday and saturday to see we came as romans and the foo fighters and im really excited. I like to play the guitar and i want to make a band and name it The Bridge so our fans would say "Have you seen the bridge"? to each other... yeah that would be awesome
  15. If you could pick a song or two that could go Ono another album, which would they be and why? I think that no quarter would've fit better on IV an you could have swapped it with misty mountain hop
  16. Wow i haven posted on here in forever .I would like to know what it was like for the fans when they found out he died, like what was the story of when they found out and who told you. I was born 17 years too late and didn't discover zeppelin until 12 years after that. So I was just wondering what the intial shock was like. It must have been horrible especially if they were excited for the upcoming US tour.
  17. They've done from me to you and Please Please me, with a bit of I saw her standing there at times
  18. cause the other place paid better, guess they didnt know what woodstock would end up being
  19. walking down the street with the leaves on the ground always makes me and my friend sing ramble on
  20. The ending was extremely rushed, it was a decent informational documentary ( knew 98 percent of the info) for new fans up until 44 minutes in where it basically went from led zeppelin 3 to Bonzo's death in 6 minutes.
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