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  1. With little bits of Knebworth Danmarks Radio and RAH every once and a while
  2. Yeah, nothing new here, but its 3/4ths in and its up to zeppelin 4 so maybe it might be 2 hours
  3. I never got into Fool in The Rain I also am at the stage now that if i hear stairway to heaven the ENTIRE time it is playing i think of atleast 20 zeppelin songs that are better I stand by Electro 100% on the whole fan thing
  4. 5'11 and i havent hit my growth spurt yet
  5. ON WEDNESDAY JULY 20th, at 10:00pm EST a new Led Zeppelin biography will premiere on the Biography channel, also that night there will be a Floyd documentary and another zeppelin one before it, and the 3 shows will play again afterwords, I guess this thread can be used to discuss the bio or discuss anything that you guys want really i guess haha
  6. guys chill, your time is gonna come
  7. rereading strider's stories to pass the time
  8. no but im surprised a big number 1 wasnt sticking out of the sand post number 100 in 368 days.... man ive been slacking
  9. I just took a ten minute nap and i was in a desert in my dream
  10. I live on the east coast of the US and my midnights at your 5am
  11. every time the sand resets i have an epileptic fit -__-
  12. The new craze that people do is to PLANK, what is planking? Well, its when you lay down straight, thats it. People at my school started and I had absolutely no clue what it was, so what do you think about it. 2 weeks after first seeing it i was planking on a bench in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney world I think its some stupid fad that will be gone by the end of the summer
  13. soooo excited, im gonna refresh the page the second the clock strikes 12 or 7 i dont really know
  14. its very very faint but i do hear the ocean riff before the actual riff comes in
  15. Absolutely amazing and those mirrors in MSG were probably in the studio they filmed in for the song remains the same in 1974
  16. 1. Since Ive Been Loving You 2. When The Levee Breaks 3. Dazed and Confused 4.Heartbreaker 5. Tea For One
  17. I was in New York City for 9/11, so sure HYE gone to a concert for a band youv'e never listened to.
  18. No Lied about your opinions to impress someone
  19. Im 14 and have been a fan for 6 years since When the Levee Breaks played during Hurricane Katrina on the news.
  20. In The Light - Led Zeppelin
  21. When Jason Bonham was on that metal show and I corrected about 5 mistakes of his
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