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  1. Been LOVING your youtube vids, I have them all favorited on my ipod

  2. Killing Floor 1/26/69 Boston Tea Party Sweeeeeeet
  3. ughh.... Black and Yellow = Wiz Khalifa
  4. Whats your favorite disney movie Mine is either Peter Pan or Pinocchio
  5. John Bonham died 12 years is not enough
  6. Yeah i gave up on the whole Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero Dream after 2008
  7. I could never ever ever ever ever answer this question
  8. With a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat, this is what I think the words are, but listening you can also clearly hear purple operator and a fifty cent hair. Robert says Umbrella like Umberaller, so operator makes sense, Also they way he says hat he slurs the word so it does kind of end with an "r" Who knows! It's just fun to find lyrics that go either way
  9. The beginning of Friends, its in the backround, but still. I think bonham can be heard on another song ( maybe that one) and In Hots On For Nowhere Im pretty sure he says "fluk" and I cant believe i forgot but Jimmy Page does curse in one
  10. Sorry bout that, i really did mean that Jones leaving in 74 would have been worse. It was all one big typo lol!
  11. Plant leaving in 77 would have been alot worse than Jones leaving in 74
  12. People who absolutely hate music before they hear it People that like sports teams just because they win The New England Patriots :angry: :angry:
  13. When your history teacher asks who John Paul Jones is, you answer, and look like a complete idiot.
  14. What are your favorite songs off of The Song Remains The Same, mine would be either Since Ive Been Loving You or No Quarter, which are back to back on the album and movie!
  15. I know that out on the tiles was origionally based off a drinking song that Bonzo used to sing, and i was just wondering if there were any links or info about that actual song?
  16. Ive heard many of my friends talking about if they thought the movie was in a dream, real life, or even Cobb's (Leonardo Dicaprio) limbo. I think that this would be a cool thing to talk about and see other people's opinions. If you havent seen the movie theres probably gonna be spoilers at some point.
  17. :o :o :o :o :o This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened on the internet ever.
  18. How happy would you be if Robert called up one day and wanted to do a tour
  19. Just saw this on the internet and died laughing. I wanted to post the link here. http://users.wolfcrews.com/toys/vikings/
  20. WHASSYOFAVWITZEPBOOK!!!!!!!! vote for the jimmy page thing if you want me to do it
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