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  1. I think at some point I saw a vid of him in like 1982 or 3 , he was just SO SLOPPY, i know thats his style but he was definately insanely high and he looked like he was 90 pounds, he looked so sick. I think that was the only time Jimmy Page ever disappointed me, But probably Black Crowes are my favorite post zep page thing
  2. When he was younger he said he wanted to be a scientist and study for cancer. I would ask him how hard it must have been to make Coda
  3. For me It was 3 years ago ( im sure i hear kashmir on the radio at some point, but this was the first time i remember it) I was used to music being the Jonas Brothers ( I like modern music, but i didnt know about that then) I heard stairway on the radio. I just remember thinking what in the world was this. The next day i bought Led Zeppelin 1 and i saved up for the next one every few weeks. And here I am
  4. ocean, unless its a clean lake Presence or Coda?
  5. I heard that it was going to come out this year and this year is almost over, and his website is still the (cool) picture of him with the guitar. So is this thing gonna come out or not?
  6. I love what hes been doing with Band of Joy and if hes enjoying that then thats okay but.......................... a zep reunion would be great!.
  7. Im going to a Hammer of the Gods show this october, I think they would be my favorite
  8. guitar: novemmber rain and failing miserably
  9. Those pictures have great quality! It looks like they could have been taken yesterday They're GRRRREEEAAAAT thanks for posting
  10. heres the actual led zeppelin recent songs played on WBAB 4:14pm today,Kashmir 2:48 pm today, Rock and Roll 1:47pm today, Black Dog 12:14pm today, Over the Hills and Far Away 11:04am today, When the Levee Breaks 9:30am today, Dancing Days 8:32am today, Trampled Under Foot 6:46am today, Ocean 5:09am today, Misty Mountain Top 4:15am today, Stairway To Heaven 2:54am today, Ten Years Gone 1:40 am today, D'yer Mak'er 10:52pm yesterday, All my love 7:36pm yesterday, Going to California 11:31am yesterday, Fool in the Rain 7:24am yesterday, Houses of the Holy 10:20pm tuesday, Wanton Song
  11. WOW! I had no idea about those! Did you also know that they made Stairway to Heaven?
  12. So Robert Plants Birthday is tommorow and i think that I should post something, Robert Plant is turning 62, and hes still touring (not with led zeppelin ) so i think this thread could be people talking about Robert or his birthday or Led Zeppelin or whatever you wanna talk about!
  13. songs i wished they included The Ocean Moby Dick Bring It on Home Thank You
  14. 102.3 WBAB long island: stairway ALOT
  15. greAt atlAntic records vocAls steAl music they did not do OceAn next letter is E For number 4 it wasnt steal music they did not do it was they did not steal music, but i put it that way so the 4th letter is A sorry
  16. sometimes I can't tell if im watching a concert or Batman Begins
  17. When i played it backwards bazooka bubble gum song played
  18. When youre 13 years old like me, Its hard to find any friends that like Led Zeppelin or any other classic rock band. When I asked one of my friends to name three Led Zep songs he said Stairway to heaven aaaaannnnnnddddddd......umm.....uh...ummm........The one with the scream! Im a musical minority with my friends:(
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