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  1. Thanks guys. Shame the filmer decided to sell the original film to a collector, can't imagine we'll be seeing that any day soon, though at least the filmer kept a VHS copy. I found an article in another thread on here where the filmer said he was going to get it digitally transferred... I wonder if he got that done before he sold it? Anyway, looks like I'm out of luck trying to track anything down for my old man.
  2. My Dad went to the Bath Blues Festival in 1969, and has fond memories of seeing LZ there. I've found plenty of photos from this event that I've shown him, but I was wondering if any footage or audio has ever surfaced? I thought I read somewhere a few years back that some old 8mm silent film had surfaced, but I haven't seen anything since. So, is there anything out there?
  3. HMV just posted on Twitter that you should try and copy-and-paste the link into your address bar, rather than just clicking it in the email. Have you tried that?
  4. Ah ok thanks mate Looks like I shall be running the general sale gauntlet... fingers crossed...
  5. Well done, although I'm very jealous! I pre-ordered too late Is the link personalised, or is there anyway you could PM it to me so I can try??? I would be so grateful!
  6. Hmmm, I screwed this one up Didn't get the email until I got into work this morning, which was too late to pre-order the CD from HMV. If anyone here by complete chance gets 2 presale codes, I would be massively grateful for the use of one of them (or if someone for some reason isn't planning on using their code to get tickets). I'd like to take the wife to the London gig for her birthday, not really sure what my chances would be like in the general sale. Please PM me or post here if you can help Thanks!
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