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  1. If she's famous I've probably slept were her at some point.
  2. sandwich

    Led Cream?

    I don't see how Cream had any influence on Zeppelin, They were basically contemporaries, Cream might have done certain things first, but in my opinion they did them poorly. Cream was not that great of a band, they were pretty lame and boring, and Eric Clapton is one of the most boring musicians of all time. These are of course just my opinions and therefore will probably be unpopular but I must say that I'm not impressed at all with Cream.
  3. Sorry Jake Holmes, you suck at making music. I don't care what anybody says, I think Holmes has no talent and should just be lucky some of his lame ass music was picked up by Jimmy Page and made into something that's worth listening to.
  4. For all the people who think Zeppelin stole Dazed and Confused, have you ever heard the "original". I'm amazed that Page could even be inspired by that piece of shit Jake Holmes. He has, had, no talent and doesn't deserve any money for 3 reasons. 1 he sucks. 2 his song sounds nothing like Zeppelin's. 3 He waited too long so he's obviously not "trying to right a wrong", he's just broke and wants some more money.
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