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    playing electric and acoustic guitars,repairing computers and vintage receivers,working concerts as a stagehand in central florida,listening to studio and bootleg zep,playing war games like battlefield 2,hanging with friends and getting stupid
  1. Really liked your O2 pics. Thanks for posting them:)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great day for you:-)

  3. Awesome song-Rudy is a good one too-SuperTramp is one of my favorites
  4. lights out,lights out london omg i forgot about them,used to listen to them a lot in my 2o's schenker on guitar,rudolphs brother,cant remember his first name,uli roth have something to do with them,i think i have forgotten more than most people will ever know,anyway good tune
  5. you have to admit it does kinda look like cole with bushy sideburns,anyway i know a little more.You Know steve i thought i knew a lot about zeppelin but compared to you i know very little ,the hours you must have invested in them must be staggering.I have attached a pic of donnie and i drinking some beers at the Sheraton Hotel on S.Florida Ave. in lakeland in 93.after one of the rehearsals ,and i dont know which nite, we went down to the lounge that was located in the hotel,the same one that robert and the band were staying at and had some beers with francis and charlie,5 mins.from my house.the shirt i am wearing was one of my favorite crew shirts but got stolen years ago.It says"Celebrating 25 Years With The Who-The Kids Are Alright Tour 1988-Local Crew"anyway i gotta get some shut eye,chat at you later-later dude
  6. is that a left handed paul or pic inverted,nice gold top? never mind i just read it,thanks
  7. Donnie Vick and I back in 93 drinkin some brews at the Sheraton Hotel Lounge after one of the fate of nations rehearsals in lakeland in sept.of 93.Same hotel that Robert and the Band was staying at during his stay in Lakeland,5 minutes from my house,what a trip.Im on the right ,dam wonder what ever happened to that Who Local Crew Shirt i am wearing,some asshole probably stole it.I pretty much look the same except for the gray and my hair is shorter:lol:
  8. Playing some Battlefield2,my username is Zplantpage

  9. The Guy in the middle looks like it could possibly be the same guy in The Song Remains The Same Movie,the part where they are getting off the plane and getting into the limos and i havent went back and reviewed the footage ,but if i can remember this guy has on a brownish reddish looking suede jacket and he gets in the limo i beleive right after page gets in the limo,let me know what you think after reviewing that part of the film-thanks steve cowart-thats definitely cole in the background The guy in the middle is definitely wearing a suede jacket just like the guy in TSRTS
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