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  1. Hi everyone, I am hoping that some forum members who are from or familiar with the London area might have ideas as to some tourist attractions or good music venues that are associated with Zeppelin or the current music scene there. Anything come to mind? Amanda
  2. Email from Genesis: Hot off the press We have just returned from Milan to review Jimmy Page's limited edition. This major publication is one of our biggest so, accordingly, we're using some of world's largest presses (printing at some of the highest levels of achievable detail - 120 l/cm). The paper is sourced from Lake Garda and not only is it acid-free and age-resistant, it's also environmentally FSC certified. The resulting pages are stunning. Once gathered, just across the city each new book is individually bound by five craftsmen dedicated solely to creating Jimmy Page's limited edition. Five artisans, 2,500 rare books Our traditionally skilled binders are committed to ensuring our vision that, even for those with an existing book collection from Genesis, each Jimmy Page book sets a new standard in Genesis fine book publishing. All those readers who pre-ordered before August 18th will receive finished books by Christmas. First copies will be despatched from the bindery by the end of October and all Deluxe pre-orders will be shipped during November. Going, going ... It is almost certain that by then this new limited edition will have sold out entirely. When this happens, Genesis will send a formal confirmation note. Further news on the edition's progress - from binding updates to first reader reviews - will be posted in the coming weeks with an online 'Notice Board' appearing for collectors to check in. Thank you We would like to thank all our collectors for their patience. Our craftsmen binders are passionate about the art of making books. We guarantee it will be worth the wait but understand if you're itching to see more. If you would like to receive more information about Genesis fine book binding, please let us know. And, as ever, for those offering books as gifts, please call or email for a free Gift Certificate to present to your recipient. With warm regards from all at Genesis.
  3. Yes, thank you! I wrote my reaction about 5 minutes into the interview... 55 minutes and 67 intermediate games of minesweeper later, I heard that quote and figured it out hehe
  4. when were these interviews -- he sounds sort of young??
  5. Yes, I was told i was number 1073 or something like that!! So I better not hold my breath quite yet!
  6. Magic -- my birthday is this week too, and I was so hoping that it would arrive this week. I ordered mine in June, so I guess I will be waiting a while... thanks for the info and happy birthday, fellow Libra
  7. I'm relatively new to the forum, and even a relatively new Zeppelin fan. That said, you'll see A LOT of debate about whether LZ should reunite or not, and lot of it centers around Robert Plant's solo career and the direction he's choosing to go in. Obviously, there is a huge contingent of fans who want nothing more than a chance to see the living members of Zeppelin reunited and performing and perhaps even creating new music. There are also fans who feel it is time to let go and to accept and appreciate the music that is being created post Zeppelin. Inevitably, these two camps butt heads and feel that they are philosophically opposed... and in some important ways, they are. But it's one of those, two-sides of the same coin situations, really. I don't think anyone who spends any time here doesn't care immensely about Led Zeppelin's music and has in found it formative, informative, and really just soul shaking, which is why these high emotions come out when anyone rumbles about a reunion. The philosophical difference really is how you treat things you love and what you feel owed by them. In many of our cases, the situation stands that so much has been given and received from being a Zep fan that it is hard to tell whether you feel owed or you should feel appreciative. The way that nets out is a personal feeling per situation or per personal point of view, and it is always a matter of opinion, not fact, so these debates will never be resolved, and the options expressed within them should always be respected. I think when people say that we shouldn't harp on a LZ reunion, it is sort of like a good friend wanting you to appreciate what is (or could be) going on now instead of a really wonderful relationship gone by. But of course, you know, sometimes people *do* get back together, so.... . I don't know why I wanted to something... I know this forum has had some really long standing members, and again, as a very avid, but relatively new fan, I'm very often astounded at the depth of knowledge and the history here. It really is something I think is so cool. I come here because it's the best place to learn about Zeppelin. My personal opinion is that I would love for the remaining members of Led Zeppelin to reunite, and ideally make some new music together. I think that we could learn a lot from them still, and am confident they can still make timeless statements, different than those of their 20s and 30s, but perhaps all the more valuable considering. Buuuut... I have a feeling that my personal opinion doesn't matter to them very much, and I don't think they owe their fans any artistic debt. I do wish Robert would be more gracious towards his LZ legacy (which it seems like he has been coming to terms with), but Percy's always had a funny tone about him anyway, I think? Anyway, I don't want to, nor am I presumptuous enough to think that my opinion would stall this debate... but those are just my thoughts on the matter! I'll get off the now
  8. of course this is tough... so many routes to go in this very hypothetical world... but if this were to be, say an interview situation, i would ask him why he always seems so relieved to not "have to" sing. the way he talks about it, it sounds partly out of modesty, but partly out of relief, partly maybe out of disdain. i've always wondered if, when he has been the lead writer on a piece, if he has been surprised at the lyrical direction it ended up taking or if he's even changed the lyrical direction of a song if seemed too incongruous with what he had in mind. or if there were examples where the lyrics were really just perfect. there are a host of personal questions i wouldn't ever ask and a bunch of personal things i would want to tell him about how wonderful of an effect his music has had on me, and relatedly a bunch of questions i'm sure he wouldn't answer or requests he wouldn't comply with ... but with that all off the tablet, that's the best i can think of right now!
  9. Here's some more info on this article from the Genesis website: Jimmy Page is featured on one of four collectible covers of the new issue of LID Magazine, available for pre-order now. LID is a black and white fine arts magazine that is published twice a year. Each issue features rare and never before published photographs and art by and of some of the most interesting figures in fashion, music, art and film. LID Issue No.11 features a portfolio of photographs from the book and includes a conversation between Jimmy Page and the book's photo editor Dave Brolan, discussing the concept behind the project and the process of showing Jimmy's career in photographs. Featured alongside Dave's words are Kate Simon's photographs of Jimmy Page (click here to read and see more about Kate's photographic book on legend Bob Marley). Available exclusively through their website (www.lidmagazine.net) Issue No.11 of LID Magazine is available to order now for release this October. http://www.genesis-publications.com/News/Jimmy-Page-speaks-with-LID-Magazine/0909
  10. I was doing the same thing and got a ticket! I am so excited! Anyway, I'll be there in a black and white plaid button-down and a rainbow scarf. If anyone who is going wants to meet up, PM me!
  11. These are personal preference, not like, the songs that I think should be rated highest: 1) In the Light 2) The Song Remains the Same 3) Stairway to Heaven 4) Since I've Been Loving You 5) Going to California and if we're doing top 10... 6) In My Time of Dying 7) The Ocean 8) How Many More Times 9) Dazed and Confused 10) Achilles Last Stand
  12. Anyone a member of Gilt Groupe (online shopping site)? Normally it's just clothes and every once in a while they have some stuff for the home. Today there was a Zeppelin Contact Sheet by Richard Aaron for sale. It sold out in less than 10 minutes! By the time I stumbled upon it, it was already gone!
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that's sort of amazing? I hope it is a color photo, so we can see them in all their glory! I'm only sort of kidding... I mean, do like begonias.
  14. Wow, hard sell! But after reading your review and some other background on the program, I downloaded the trial... it's pretty amazing. I mean, I spent who knows how many hours on my old computer fixing these details, and the thought of doing it again on my new computer was going to basically drive me to buy the songs again -- so $30 is a great investment! Plus, it's pretty cool watching the program work, haha. Thanks for the tip!
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