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  1. of course this is tough... so many routes to go in this very hypothetical world... but if this were to be, say an interview situation, i would ask him why he always seems so relieved to not "have to" sing. the way he talks about it, it sounds partly out of modesty, but partly out of relief, partly maybe out of disdain. i've always wondered if, when he has been the lead writer on a piece, if he has been surprised at the lyrical direction it ended up taking or if he's even changed the lyrical direction of a song if seemed too incongruous with what he had in mind. or if there were examples where the lyrics were really just perfect. there are a host of personal questions i wouldn't ever ask and a bunch of personal things i would want to tell him about how wonderful of an effect his music has had on me, and relatedly a bunch of questions i'm sure he wouldn't answer or requests he wouldn't comply with ... but with that all off the tablet, that's the best i can think of right now!
  2. Here's some more info on this article from the Genesis website: Jimmy Page is featured on one of four collectible covers of the new issue of LID Magazine, available for pre-order now. LID is a black and white fine arts magazine that is published twice a year. Each issue features rare and never before published photographs and art by and of some of the most interesting figures in fashion, music, art and film. LID Issue No.11 features a portfolio of photographs from the book and includes a conversation between Jimmy Page and the book's photo editor Dave Brolan, discussing the concept behind the project and the process of showing Jimmy's career in photographs. Featured alongside Dave's words are Kate Simon's photographs of Jimmy Page (click here to read and see more about Kate's photographic book on legend Bob Marley). Available exclusively through their website (www.lidmagazine.net) Issue No.11 of LID Magazine is available to order now for release this October. http://www.genesis-publications.com/News/Jimmy-Page-speaks-with-LID-Magazine/0909
  3. Anyone a member of Gilt Groupe (online shopping site)? Normally it's just clothes and every once in a while they have some stuff for the home. Today there was a Zeppelin Contact Sheet by Richard Aaron for sale. It sold out in less than 10 minutes! By the time I stumbled upon it, it was already gone!
  4. Wow, hard sell! But after reading your review and some other background on the program, I downloaded the trial... it's pretty amazing. I mean, I spent who knows how many hours on my old computer fixing these details, and the thought of doing it again on my new computer was going to basically drive me to buy the songs again -- so $30 is a great investment! Plus, it's pretty cool watching the program work, haha. Thanks for the tip!
  5. This may not be a real mystery, but rather some logical issue that I haven't been able to figure out yet: I bought The Complete Led Zeppelin off iTunes and I was wondering why the display on the iPod for some select songs isn't the normal cover sleeve, but rather the black Complete Led Zeppelin cover sleeve instead. For example, "What Is and What Should Never Be," "Bring it on Home," "For Your Life," have that black sleeve with their symbols rather than the LZII and Presence covers. Anyone know why? Thanks in advance!
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