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  1. I'm Gonna Crawl anyone??? TSRTS (slidin') Achilles Last Stand 1977:)
  2. What I was referring to was his habit of mentioniong that people would go to the bathroom during certain songs. One specific example is during the Walking into Clarksdale tour. He said some of the new Page/Plant songs had a curious effect on the bladder of certain members of the audience, meaning they weren't appreciating the new material. When I saw him with Strange Sensation he said, after Freedom Fries 'Thanks for the overwhelming reaction (being sarcastic). No, no, it's all right, I know what it feels like. I've been to a Leonard Cohen concert when I was young'. I am not sure, but I
  3. Thank you, I loved your reply and agree with it, even the part where I might not know what I'm talking about. In all reality, I'm only 30.
  4. Obviously, without fans, he would be poor and without a record deal, busy getting fired from an accounting job. He needs a really good reason to make Zep music? What about the amazing music that would become? Making hundreds of millions of people happier because of the wonderful music that would be? I mean how much of a phoquing chore can it be to sing songs you are proud of having recorded to the cheers of tens of thousands of fans at a time? Not positive enough? I guess he prefers getting nods from pastel fans who go for his style of music sheepishly. His solo work is not as good
  5. What's with the Rollingstone reviewers trying to convince us that we shouldn't wish Robert Plant would willingly create music with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones? What the heck? Chocolate hating quakers i tell you. Robert Plan'ts solo music is too pastel. People truly fail to honestly assess if they would have liked Robert Plant's solo work had he never done Zep (and I hope speculating that the musical landscape would have been so different that an alternate universe of music appreciation would have come to be in which Robert Plant was God). If Robert would be all for it, we would all be
  6. Thank you for clearing that up, very important. This is another one of your CNN-esque replies. You play up the notion of Alice Cooper's right to an opinion not being challenged as though the previous poster was defending that right unnecessarily, making your post therefore being purely redundant and implicitly critical. Why do you say you 'don't recall anyone saying he wasn't'? Does that rhetorical question disprove or mean anything? Or does it rather reveal you being upset that somebody is defending his voice, a voice with which you fundamentally disagree with and find unworthy of being
  7. Each one of your posts appears to be as unfounded and actually void of content as each of Rollingstone's criticisms of Zeppelin. You say something that appears to disagree, yet you say nothing other than 'Alice is full of it' and ask a question that is also a veiled statement of agreeing with Plant. Then, as soon as anyone has a comeback, you can fall back on your wording and fireback 'All I said was....'. I disagree with your opinion forever. Robert is also too old to be reciting college poetry with a bunch of third tier musicians. They are third tier, they are talentless in comparison
  8. Chocolate-hating conformist. Nothing Robert has done solo will ever be as significant as another Zep album. Kindly accept that as well.
  9. There's even a typo on page 184/185/186 (I forget which and I'm not opening my book for this). It says 'Start of 7th American Tour' twice. The second time should read 'End of 7th American Tour'
  10. Yeah Fedex and UPS are thieves that charge a 'brokerage' fee.
  11. I received my copy (requested number 333 received!!) I cherish this book very much. It weighs a ton and I never wanna finish it. It's like a little treasure I know I have stashed away I can look at whenever I want. It is an extremely beautiful book. I like everything about it. I also read Jimmy's words as a treasure very dear to my heart. When I saw that first picture and read the line where he said he wanted to present something giving an account of his contribution to music, I got real emotional and teary-eyed. Thanks Jimmy. This will be your ultimate gift to me. I almost feel
  12. Just got my Fedex Sticker when I got back home:) Got till 8 pm tomorrow to pick it up at the dispatch center! Mine was copy 333
  13. Both actually:) I moved to Ontario from Pointe-Claire two years ago, to a city where no laws are needed to keep French predominant and alive. Everybody in Hawkesbury speeks French. All the shop signs are in French. Even arriving immigrants speek French lol. I just moved back to Pointe-Claire this June. Back to civilization. My history teacher from McGill told us in class that if you were in a train crash around Hawkesbury in the late 1800s, you were as good as dead, even if you survived. I chuckled, because at the time I was commuting to school from a smaller town next to Hawkesbury called
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