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  1. Hi thanks for your replies on Destroyer album, I believe Demo copies were sent to radio stations and not sold to the public? but they make their way to the public one way or another. This could explain why mine has Seattle August 77 on the box and yours has cleveland 77, it has Jimmy Page with his double neck guitar on the cover of the box in blue and the wrighting is in red and it also has LZ 27-4-77. They always put demo copy not for sale when sending to radio stations. Thanks again for the info.
  2. Hi does anyone know about the Destroyer Demo copy 4 album box set, Seattle August 77. I have a copy and would like to know if anyone would know what its worth? I also have Led Zeppelin at the L.A. FORUM which is a two album LP. I also have a 3 LP set called LED ZEPPELIN melancholy Danish pageboys Get it on its from the Falconer theatre Cpenhagen July 7 1979. I have searched the internet but cant find these LPs can anyone help?
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