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Maxwell Edison

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    East Coast Canada
  1. Maxwell Edison

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    @@TroubadourLDN Jimmy & Van Morrison hanging out @ the Troubadour London on Wednesday....
  2. Caleb Johnson did a pretty decent cover on Idol the other night. Worth a watch for those who haven't seen/heard. http://youtu.be/kWxE9Qp8vsM
  3. Maxwell Edison

    Classic Albums Live: Zeppelin II

    I wonder if it's the same band as this..... I saw them in January and was very impressed. Fun for a night out!
  4. Maxwell Edison

    Starship 1975

    These are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing
  5. Maxwell Edison

    Songs Which Make You Laugh Out Loud

    My personal favourite.....
  6. Maxwell Edison

    Photos from Jimmy's Book

    Awww, doesn't that just warm your heart? Thank you so much for posting these! .....He still looks the same.
  7. Maxwell Edison

    Happy 67th Birthday to Jimmy!

    I will party all weekend in celebration! HAPPY 67th JIMMY!!!!
  8. Maxwell Edison

    jimmy and robert,

    Haha. Looks just like them!
  9. Maxwell Edison

    Segway story

    This made my heart smile.
  10. Maxwell Edison

    Which Robert Plant era was the cutest?

    I voted for current Robert. He is one fine looking 62 year old.
  11. Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing! I wish they'd come closer to Canada!
  12. As of yesterday, the song Angel Dance (by Robert Plant) is available for download on iTunes.....for those of you who use it. It's very nice. This may have already been posted....if so, feel free to delete!
  13. Maxwell Edison

    What is the average age here?

    I'm 21 going on 4.
  14. Maxwell Edison

    I backtraced it!

    Bahahaha. That officially made my day.
  15. Maxwell Edison

    A cool story about my son & Led Zeppelin

    That's so sweet. He obviously has very good taste!