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  1. @@TroubadourLDN Jimmy & Van Morrison hanging out @ the Troubadour London on Wednesday....
  2. Caleb Johnson did a pretty decent cover on Idol the other night. Worth a watch for those who haven't seen/heard. http://youtu.be/kWxE9Qp8vsM
  3. I wonder if it's the same band as this..... I saw them in January and was very impressed. Fun for a night out!
  4. These are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing
  5. Awww, doesn't that just warm your heart? Thank you so much for posting these! .....He still looks the same.
  6. I will party all weekend in celebration! HAPPY 67th JIMMY!!!!
  7. This made my heart smile.
  8. I voted for current Robert. He is one fine looking 62 year old.
  9. Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing! I wish they'd come closer to Canada!
  10. As of yesterday, the song Angel Dance (by Robert Plant) is available for download on iTunes.....for those of you who use it. It's very nice. This may have already been posted....if so, feel free to delete!
  11. Bahahaha. That officially made my day.
  12. That's so sweet. He obviously has very good taste!
  13. One Less Lonely Girl - Justin Beiber...... hahaha, just kidding. I'm actually listening to Marigold, by the Stampeders, for some odd reason.
  14. How exciting! Even more so for whoever's at the gig he shows up at, mind you, but very exciting none-the-less.
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