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  1. So I'm watching a video about Led Zeppelin's 4th album, and in it they go over most of the songs from the album. When the segment comes up for Misty Mountain Hop, one of the hosts describes the song as "cheesy" & "a track many fans will skip". Is this true? Is that what many long-time (or even short-time) fans think? I happen to think it is a great song; probably my 1st or 2nd favorite from the album. I remember it had an immediate impact on me...I thought it rocked, as well as grooved big time! Comments or opinions?
  2. I wanted to share a story with you fans, in the hopes you will appreciate it as much as I do Now, I have always been a huge music fan of all different types of genres, (mostly classic rock, pop, & R&, but have not had too much of an opportunity to expose my son to a lot of it due to the fact that he lives with his mother most of the time...and she is a Mormon who disapproves of preeeety much everything I do, and severely limits the amount of exposure he gets to most music and movies (sorry if this offends anyone). I see him once a month. I was with my son one day a couple of
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