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  1. My buddy Jimmy Herman of the Carrie Underwood band will be playing my personal 50w Royal Jimmy Page amp at the Grammys tonight on the song Two Black Cadillacs. He has been playing my 100w Page amp on tour with her and just ordered two Royals for himself. Very cool that millions will be hearing my amp tonight (not that they know or care) but a cheap thrill for me for sure. And yes besides being a Nashville pro Jimmy is a big Page fan!
  2. The original kit was sold long ago at auction.... As far as I know thats Ludwig's replica kit.
  3. Yeah I heard it too... Ann is a great singer, but I wish she did that last line straight without the little 'runs'.
  4. Jack Black has no clue... talking about Satan and heavy metal... two things that do NOT define Led Zeppelin... sorry could never stand the guy, ANYBODY but him doing the induction would have been better..... And the Foo Fighters doing their Godawful metal version of Rock and Roll... they also DONT get it...... AND CBS needs to be strangled for the horrible edits!!!.... Stairway needed to be heard complete and in all its glory, they obviously put a ton of work into that between the strings and the choir, etc.... Shame on you CBS!....... That being said, anything having to do with the mighty Zep
  5. What sets it apart from most everything else they did is its commercial and somewhat cheesy feel... But I love it!... To me no matter how hard they try (if they were trying for real), nothing they did in 1969 will ever sound like anything else on pop AM radio... Its still '69 Zep complete with great vocals, a nasty twelve string guitar riff, tasteful solo, a great Bonzo groove and Jones doing his usual early days walking bass on the chorus.
  6. I can do that in the morning, but the video is nothing to write home about... Single camera, dead center VERY far away from the band and not sharp at all.
  7. Well its been so long since I listened to the leaked show that I didnt think to compare it... My bad, its the same... at least Since is, I just gave a quick listen to that.... so for those that have Shepperton there is nothing surprising here.... Guess because I had it cranked through the roof in the living room it seemed like a first time listen!
  8. I was fortunate enough to get an early press release double dvd/cd box set and flew home to throw it in.... Having been to the actual show and the movie and having listened to an early press release cd the last few days, the first thing I wanted to check out was Shepperton.... HOLY SHIT Jimmy's solo in Since is one for the ages!... In my opinion it smokes the one from the actual night... I would put this one up there with any he's ever done especially the latter half of the solo... he just finds that groove and phrasing that combined with the band makes you say thank God for Jimmy Page!.... I
  9. Saw it last night and loved it. I was at the O2 show and it was great to hear the detail in the playing. Jimmys playing had some great moments and not so great moments but overall they kicked butts especially Plant. The biggest dissappointment for me is that they did NOT fix stuff like I thought they would. I suppose its commendable that they left it all out there but I would have fixed more. They attempted to smooth out the dazed trainwreck but it was still a mess. I thought for sure they would steal audio from the rehearsal but they didnt. Maybe the recordings varied too much to do so. I
  10. I for one am hoping he fixes it. Im all for the 'beauty of being human', but to me that particular trainwreck made for a very anti-climatic moment following a ripping solo by Jimmy. I was at the show and it was my only dissappointment. Shit happens, its just too bad it happened at that show.... To me the fix is fairly easy. From what I understand they recorded the rehearsal a couple nights earlier. You can strip in the audio from that for that section and with some creative quick video editing you can easily mask it. As far as WHAT happened, you can clearly hear Jason at the end of Jimmys s
  11. Wow, a lot of bashers here..... give it a chance to settle in as far as function goes... its the first day and there are zillions accessing it..... The type readability problem is NOT intended, the backgrounds werent loading in due to the zillions of us accessing the site..... A half hour ago, it was running smoothly and it looked great, the type issues were gone...... BUT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT IT AND WE SHOULD ALL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS STUFF (unless its a big lie) The multimedia On This Day feast includes video footage, images and audio clips as well as unseen photos
  12. Nice job but I think you missed a big one!!!.... And I would put it in my top three of studio screams..... The one in Hey Hey What Can I Do!..... my other too are How Many and Whole Lotta Love...
  13. Thanks for the kind words!.... yeah its just about sharing our enthusiasm for the band.... maybe I'll head on over to Royal Orleans...
  14. Gotta say, Ive heard so many people (including myself) try to nail Jimmy Page, but I really think my buddy Eric does it better than most.... Check out these hi-def videos..... Not only does he get the equipment right, but his phrasing is so much like live Zep... He's not doing it note for note but to me it almost sounds like it could of been a live Page solo on any given night!...... And the gear is period correct for each...... For Immigrant Song, he's using a '60 historic reissue with original vintage PAFs in both positions and his Royal Hiwatt style Page model head (built by himself), same
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