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  1. Probably still trying to learn a second chord, unsuccessfully.
  2. Firstly, how is my stance lazy? I don't know how I can make it more clear. Second, I've seen and heard the Who. Mister, the Clash are no Who......and unworthy to hold the Who's jock strap. New Wave/Punk saved rock my ass! They killed it!
  3. Why? Because I think it led to the image is everything, screw the music mentality of modern music. The Clash specifically may not fall in that category (I will give them some credit) but punk in general was and is pure shize, imo. I agree there needed to be an alternative, but NOT a downgrade which punk was, imo. I'm not a big fan of 80's/90's or current rock (with some exceptions). A lot of that has to do with punks negative influence.....the 'so easy, anyone can do it' saying comes to mind. Who wants to hear music that anyone can do?
  4. The Small Faces. A GREAT 1960's English band that never made it across the pond. The fact Madonna is in the Rock Hall of Fame but the Small Faces are not, makes me want to vomit.
  5. Really? Explain this quote then: "I don't even have to listen to their music. Just looking at one of their album covers makes me want to vomit..." Seems to me it falls under the disrespecting a band that came before them category.
  6. Well, some of those people might consider punk to be no talent, crap musically. Others might hate on it because of how disrespectful they were of the bands that preceded them (bands that would have blown their crap asses of the stage I might add). A few folks just might hate their annoying as hell attitudes (the word 'punk" should be replaced with 'annoying'). While others still may believe it led to the image is everything, screw the music mentality of modern music.
  7. This is the most truthful, cut through the bull shit and get straight to the point post of the entire thread. Hate punk (American and English), always will.
  8. I hear what you're saying, but what is Paul supposed to do...lie? He and especially the Beatles are special, to the point were it's just admitting the obvious. Besides, Larry asked the question, and Paul answered truthfully. It's the no talent hacks with the big ego's that piss me off.
  9. Well, that's disappointing to hear. He probably has so many people approach him that it just gets old after a while. Honestly, I don't know if I would want to meet him (or any other person I hold in such high regard) for the simple reason they might be a ass hole in person.
  10. I think they deserve every bit of the adoration they receive. They truly deserve it. I agree they weren't perfect, with the live act being the biggest fault. That said, if Led Zeppelin couldn't hear themselves play night after night because of girls screaming, they probably would have started to suck live too. I've read they were really good in Hamburg and at the Cavern Club, before their fame. I also agree they left while on top. Merry Christmas.
  11. How so and why? Paul seems like a really cool cat to me. I can imagine just kicking back and hanging out with him. Now that he got rid of that horse named Heather, he'd probably even light up a nice herbal jazz cigarette.
  12. Yeah, those 'A Day in the Life' lyrics sure do suck!
  13. Agreed. The Brian Jones/Mick Taylor eras are the 'real' Rolling Stones. I love those two versions of the band. Fantastic music. Ron Wood = shizer.
  14. I LOVE the Beatles. Honestly, I wouldn't trust anyone who doesn't at least like them a little. Thats just me though.
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