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  1. WOW thanks man that's a huge compliment . Playing and singing it was a little hard at first but now it's fine. Plus those notes are sometimes tricky to sing. And although I love Nirvana I don't think Kurt was that great of a singer but he was an amazing songwriter. And I'll tell Mark (our drummer) to step it up! haha but I thought he did fine.
  2. It could have very well just been the camera because it was not a great camera (look at the picture haha) but I don't think the drumming was quick or anything although we may have rushed it a bit because this song is incredibly easy to rush, Zeppelin did it ALL the time live. And thanks dude
  3. Yeah the high parts are kinda tough and There is and only will be one Plant, but I can get the high parts good most of the time though it may sound worse because the camera was bad but oh well I LOVE Dancing Days but then again, I love all Zeppelin so I would def do that song but I don't know about the others because they wanna pick some songs they wanna do also and we wanna get away from doing only covers.
  4. Hey everyone this is a video of my band playing The Ocean and i just wanted to know what you guys think of it. I know the video quality is HORRIBLE but just listen to it and tell me what you think, how to improve, etc. Btw don't be too harsh, it was our first gig lolz. Anyway here's the link and also check out the other covers from the show if you like this one
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