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  1. Hi zdr! that's ok, thanks! You know what, zdr? There are most likely some members here who would object to my post, but for a different reason. Not a 'language barrier' with them, just a 'sense of humor' barrier Toni
  2. Hi zdr Are you serious? May I ask why? What did I say wrong? Toni
  3. Hi 'c4plant' Well I'm happy to hear it IS likely Robert. I would hate to think I had been LUSTING after just any old ass these past weeks. Even if it is a YUMMY ass If it is Bonzo in the pool with Robert, that maybe explains why his ass is bare. Bonzo most likely just yanked his trunks down! And then threw them out onto the loungers! Toni
  4. Hi Billy Sorry I will try to rememebr that in the future. Knebby, do you know about this? Since you started it? Just a thought. Sorry everyone, I will try not to be led off topic again. Toni
  5. Hi 'Knebby' Joke? No joke, not sure what you mean there. But now i see 'Go ahead and take it personally' is on ALL your posts. So it wasn't a shot at me, which is cool, thank you! So is it some kind of nasty motto? To intimidate everyone? Wow. I'll try to stay clear of you, sorry to take up your time Toni
  6. Hi everyone! 8.3.79, my ex boyfriend was flying on his way to see Zepp in ENGLAND! Or maybe he flew the day before. Anyhow, by this time 41 years ago, he was getting REAL EXCITED, for sure! Toni
  7. Hi 'ledzepfvr' That there's a LEFT-handed gee-tar you got y'self there, sis! Just sayin', in case your having any trouble playing, wrong-handed. But who knows, maybe your'e left handed. Left-handers ain't so rare no more, not since the Middle Ages anyhow, not since they quit amputating left-handed peoples left-hands. Did you know, that's the origin of the spooky connotation of 'sinister'? Sinister being Latin for 'left'? Toni
  8. Hi Knebby Duh! First you say you were NOT talking about me, and then you tell me to 'Go ahead and take it personally What are you, schizo? Or are you just trying to yank my chain? Toni
  9. Time Ed Gein or Jeffrey Dahmer?
  10. Hi everyone Hearing about Dandu getting married made me happy today. I even cried! And now I just saw the vid posted there, and Robert changes the words, just for them, to 'If the sun refused to shine, HE would still be MARRYING you'. WOW!! Ok, the guitars were a little out of tune, but even so - what a priceless thing to have, and to be able to tell everyone 'Hey, the singer in Led Zeppelin changed the words - JUST FOR US'. Toni
  11. Hi 'silvermedalist' Hey, you look pretty good, for an older guy - If a little stiff! Wow, WHITE graduating robes. They usually wear black around here, not that I ever got to find out myself . That clears that up, then. When I saw the first post you made - no CAPTION - I thought your were at a after-show meet & greet with the Klan Toni
  12. Hi Everyone! Cookieshoes: No way is that photo from 76, and BillyMacQ agrees with me here. Oracle: 'Dude in the back' is Rod Stewart, isn't it? C'mon, get real, he'd NEVER ask for 7-Up . Britt, maybe:P. But not Rod. BillyMacQ: Did you talk to Lori yet? How do you know her, if I may ask that? And why do you think Knebby said 'Oh my God'? Was she talking about me & you having a little FUN ?? Thanks Toni
  13. BillyMacQ!! 'Lude or provocative'? Doncha mean LEWD??? That's not a SPELLING MISTAKE by any chance, is it? Maybe you've been at the 'ludes again? Revenge is a dish best served ROLLIN' ON THE FLOOR, LAUGHIN' MY ASS OFF Love Toni xxxxx
  14. Hi Billy Well nobody ever called me delicate before, but I guess I am sensitive. And yeah, I do like to be handled with care:blush:I think all girls do, sometimes anyway:D Wow, Lori with Bonzo! I thought she was Jimmy's girl, did they share her? Or was that Jimmy's birthday present for Bonzo? Like, 'have one on me, dude! Knock y'self out!' Toni
  15. Oh Billy! That was almost a nice reply you had going on there, thankyou for the effort, you can relax now , but WHY did you have to go and blow it with 'so there'? What did I do wrong? Just trying to understand, is all Toni
  16. Hi Billy Are you sure that photo is from 76? I think Jimmy looks younger there, and healthier. And his scarf looks more early than late 70's, don't you think? And would Bonzo still be wearing clothes he had in 73? He had gotten a bit fatter by 76, I'd say. Would they still fit him? The hat maybe, but the jacket? Whatever, it's a real cool picture! Love Toni
  17. Omg omg OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Is that REALLY Robert?
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