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  1. That about does it for me! I'm still hoping a torrent will pop up somewhere, but I MUST have it, even if I have to pay for it. Thanks Balthazor and ohjmmy! If I do have to purchase, it would make a swell Father's Day gift ;-)))
  2. From everything I'm hearing, it isn't stuff ripped from Youtube...but I would have to imagine that SOME of it has to be, no?
  3. Could be! Here is a clip from the same documentary. Is that Parkinson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olk5yQdmlR4
  4. You got one?!? That's awesome!! I'm hoping that it is, uh, made available somewhere for those of us without access to it. I now think I need this rather desperately!!!
  5. Here's a question...The listing for the Peter Grant interview on OGWT (1971-04-08) would appear to be incorrect. This would likely be the "24 Hours - Bootleg Records" BBC special from 1971-08-04. The question is this: is this available anywhere else? I can't find it anywhere. A minor thing maybe, but I have to have it all! Here is a pic from that interview:
  6. I was there, and I can attest that the show sounded far better from the audience (the excitement of the moment probably). The Cosmic Energy DVD has a partial audience tape of the show that, happily, proves this point.
  7. I have often wondered how long it will take before someone scans the whole book and torrents the images ;-) In any case, it's nice to see the pics. I wasn't able to purchase the book because my daughter's very expensive education is more important in the long run. But I appreciate seeing the photos very much, so thanks to all who posted.
  8. Any variation on the Mike Millard recording of 1977-06-21 is a MUST HAVE. The effect is shattering! :-)
  9. 100% agreed. Go with the EVSD. It's worth noting that they generally do a good job on their DVDs--even if one can be iffy on their CDs
  10. Question o' the day: has the DVD listed below (description from UU) ever been made available anywhere? I've never seen it available, but I'm quite keen to get my hands on it Cosmic Energy DVD - Reunions Full Circle - CE 019 The "Reunions" DVD from the Cosmic Energy Label and series whose releases have always been noteworthy in terms of quality and sourcing...and this looks to be another in their archive to consider. This DVD compiles all the post-Zeppelin performances and events that have been well-documented in previous efforts. I have not seen the similar Wendy release but this one h
  11. Unfortunately, there aren't really any other sites out there LIKE Sugarmegs--only they really do what they do. But there are lots of places to get LZ shows--depending on your internet connection ;-)
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