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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, it can't be from the first ballot or the terms to buy the tickets would be over. So if it's from the last ballot they could refuse me tickets at the O2 office... what a let down, but I thank you very much for the information.
  2. thanx for your replies, the guy asks a lot of money, so I'm thinking if I should take the risk.
  3. a guy is offering me the code to buy 2 tickets from ticketmaster, I'll have to pay with my credit card, but since I'm not the one who got the mail with the code, I'm afraid I won't get the tickets when I'll go to the office. Anybody boought from the tickets this way? Can ticketmaster assure things will be ok? thanx for your attention
  4. phisical graffity IV houses of the holy presence III
  5. I don't think they'll tour, but due to the huge demand Plant could accept to do some more shows. By the way, has anyone read that Ian Astbury said Cult will support Led Zeppelin next year? Hilarious..
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