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  1. It's cold in England right now. It got very hot (by our standards) for a week or so, but now it's cold again. That'll be our summer over, then. We can't cope with extremes of temperature over here. When it gets over 90, the roads melt. And give us two inches of snow, and the whole road network comes to a grinding halt, and people end up sleeping in their cars on the motorway for 2 or 3 days. At least these things give us something to piss & moan about. We love to piss & moan over here. Especially the women.
  2. You old meany, Oracle! Although the bottom three bands have no redeeming features whatsoever, I still cherish the top two albums. And I once delivered a burger & fries to Peter Frampton in London! How cool was that? This was in about 1986. I think he was surprised that anyone still knew who he was. When the order came in, I think he was angling for recognition - he gave his name as PETER Frampton. Not 'Frampton', or 'Mr Frampton'. When I got there, I told him I saw him live once. He seemed quite gratified. But if I hadn't known his name, I wouldn't have recognised him. He was bald
  3. Have you heard Paris 10.10.69, Oracle? I just posted in the 'live' thread. Top show, about 77 mins, incudes 1st performance of Heartbreaker. Robert on TOP form. Has a bit of echo, but so what.
  4. I agree, this is one of my favourite early shows. People always talk about 27.4.69 (also very good) and 31.8.69 (not so good - poor drum sound, and Robert's obviously totally shagged and sounds like he'd really rather not be there at all). But the Paris show is awesome. Depsite the echo.
  5. I'm sure it does, but I have ADHD and I don't have time to mess around with fancy stuff like that. I chose the fast-track to Bedroom Guitarist's Oblivion
  6. Not the way I play it! DUH. You got some tabs for that? Maybe I'm not such a hot-shot after all!
  7. It's not a chord, but 'sliding octaves' are often referred to as 'Wes Montgomerys'
  8. "Plant states that it might be the best Zeppelin show since 1975" Holy crap - when did he say that? Are you SURE he said that? Maybe he was just referring to his own contribution?
  9. I don't like the o2 show, and I don't think an official version would change this. I don't want a documentary either, but if I had to choose, I'd choose it. I would kill for a cleaned-up version of Earls Court though.
  10. Black Sabbath 'Live at Last' was useless in its original version. But when they reissued it, remastered with an extra CD including the whole of side one of Sabotage, it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Also I really can't stand 'Priest Live' from the 80s. But 'Unleashed in the East' ( 'in the Studio', as some folks cruelly say) was possibly the Greatest Live Album of All Time. And Floyd have never done a decent official live album, they all suck. Stick to the bootlegs.
  11. Well put, jsj. Man, that song's a bitch to play. But when I learned it, I felt about two miles tall. I thought about giving Robert a call to see if I could be in his band. Now I hear he won't play it anyway, because he says it's 'Heavy Metal'. So that was a waste of time for me. This has made me think about all the other cool improv riffs in D&C. Like when Jimmy does that 'Foxy Lady' part, with the funky bits inbetween. And that's just the TSRTS version. I know there's a 45 minute version from LA in 75. David Coverdale should check that out - he could probably milk a whole Whitesnak
  12. I've never noticed that before, and I'm not sure I agree totally. I can't really see the similarity to the 'main refrain', but the notes are the same as the 'staccato' interludes in ALS. Does anyone know wheter Jimmy consciously used this as the basis of ALS? EDIT: No, I see what you mean now - I thought you meant the verse tune. But you mean the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, woo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo part, don't you? Duh!
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