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  1. Hi all, I'm a University student and am doing my dissertation on music and youth culture in London in the 1960's. I would love some primary material to use, such as magazine or newspaper articles, as well as photos of pre or early Led Zeppelin. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Dazed and Confused 4. Since I've Been Loving You 5. Trampled Underfoot 6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Black Dog 8. Rock and Roll 9. Kashmir
  3. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Black Dog 4. Dazed and Confused 5. When the Levee Breaks 6. Whole Lotta Love 7. Trampled Underfoot 8. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 9. Thats The Way 10. Imigrant Song 11. Achilles Last Stand 12. No Quarter 13. Bring it on Home 14. The Ocean 15. Thank You 16. The Battle of Evermore 17. Ramble On 18. Going To California 19. Communcation Breakdown 20. Ten Years Gone
  4. It was a close one between White Summer and No Quarter but White Summer just tops it for me, I just find myself motionless watching him play that guitar. Moby Dick though is just an awesome performance.
  5. Now I know it is agreed amongst many people that Robert Plant has been so much more ambitious musically than Jimmy Page Post Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page has simply just done Zeppelin covers with other bands. Is it just me though but haven't most of Roberts albums just been full up of covers? I'm not really very up to date with his solo stuff because the only post Zeppelin album by any of the members I own is Outrider, which I think is brilliant. Page definitely hasn't been the most creative musician after Zeppelin but personally I find that understandable if you just don't want to release any
  6. The worst thing about that is when that idiot keeps repeating "all my bitches love me", gets on my nerves, apart fom that pretty cool, should have had the solo in there would have destroyed the other two songs.
  7. I picked Achilles Last Stand because I think that's just as appropiate along with IMTOD but I would love to go out with a bang with something like Rock and Roll or the Immigrant Song as well
  8. Say the world did actually end in 2012... And you could play one last Zeppelin song (listen to a song or physically play one on an instrument) before I don't know we all drop dead, what would it be?
  9. Yeah that was one of my main worries with Zeppelin, so any songs that you would recommend that you learnt? Stuff like Good Times Bad Times?
  10. I've been learning to play the guitar for about 18 months now but unfortunately because of the easy to get internet lessons I have never really had any real urge to try and learn songs through listening to them but that has now changed Now personally I don't think bands such as Led Zeppelin are great for someone like me trying to interpret their songs. So are there any songs or bands that anyone recommends someone like me trying to figure out and play along to? And I have both an electric and acoustic guitar.
  11. I would say 'We're Gonna Groove' for the simple reason that is says exactly what they're going to do for the rest of the show and the others songs could be played as encores 'We're Gonna Groove' couldn't.
  12. How is Freddie Mercury not on this list?
  13. I would have to say Zep 3 because all the others are more riff based so I just end up playing air guitar....
  14. Although I love all three it would probably have to be STH, there's just something about that song that you just can't explain, it's beyond words.
  15. I have their first album and it's ok. I don't kow exactly why they get all the press attention they do but it probably is to do with all of them being high profile musicians. When ever I listen to them I do think they could do better, they play good genres of music but they don't leave enough space in their music and it gets a bit hard to listen to after a while and feels as if they are trying to be something rather than letting it come naturally to them.
  16. Guitarists: 1. Jimmy Page 2. Jimi Hendrix 3. Eric Clapton 4. John Renbourn 5. Jeff Beck Drummers: 1. John Bonham 2. Ginger Baker 3. Bill Ward 4. Keith Moon 5. Stewart Copland
  17. I know this isn't exactly the sort of site for asking for fashion advice.... but hey here it goes I'm 17 and I mainly own , sport t-shirts, plain black and white t-shirts and band t-shirts so i was just wondering if anyone knew of any website that did sort of funky and interesting t-shirts not just the typical slogan stuff. Cheers.
  18. Is it repeated tonight I can't believe I missed it!
  19. Jimmy could play just about any guitar, created more well known and influential riffs and solos than pretty much anyone else and was the leader of the biggest rock and roll band ever, what couldn't he do? Anything pretty much anyone else has ever done he has matched or surpassed.
  20. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Achillies Last Stand 3. Stairway To Heaven 4. When The Levee Breaks 5. The Battle Of Evermore 6. Dazed and Confused 7. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 8. In My Time of Dying 9. Rock and Roll 10. Trampled Underfoot
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