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  1. One of the best rock bands formed since 1980. Shame to see them go but you have to respect thier decision and Jack's still creating great music.
  2. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. In My Time Of Dying 4. Trampled Underfoot 5. Black God 6. When The Levee Breaks 7. Bring It On Home 8. Whole Lotta Love 9. The Battle Of Evermore 10. Rock and Roll Obviously one of the hardest things to do in my life.
  3. Why is the guitar on the studio version no where near as powerful as when played live?
  4. It's really quite hard to say, very good question. I would say it's a mixture of the lyrics, the atmopshere within the song and the emotion put into. To be described as a "heavy" band the sound also has to come naturally to them as many Heavy Metal bands regard themselves as rock and roll bands for example Sabbath and Motorhead. Most of the heavy metal bands these days however I do not count as being heavy musically at all. Anyone can drop their guitar into C or whatever and just play some meaningless riff fast, few can do that and actually make good music. I would say Cream and Hendrix f
  5. Basically I bought a rubbish guitar off the internet for about £100, it came with a bag, amp and a few other bits and pieces I needed to get started. I've been playing it for about 10 months and now I want to upgrade to a better guitar. I enjoy playing the blues a lot and quite a bit of rock. So I was wondering if anyone could help me and give me some ideas as to what guitar I should consider buying with a budget of about £200 to £350. The sort of guitarists I'm into ranges from BB King, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, David Gilmour, Jack White and Jimmy Page. Any recommendations
  6. Well I live in England so how can I get hold of it without an express acount? Sounds brilliant.
  7. Hi everyone I have been playing the guitar for a few months now and really want to play some cool yet relatively simple blues music from artists such as John Lee Hooker and T-Bone Walker but obviously many more I and just wanted to know if there are any songs that are particularly good to learn and improve skill and technique ect. Songs that have lessons widely available on the internet would be a great help. Thanks.
  8. Personally I think ACDC and The Who are pretty boring bands.
  9. 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Pink Floyd 3. Black Sabbath 4. Cream 5. Sex Pistols
  10. Well I'm actually going to go on my school radio station now I'm in 6th form. And I think I'll play Rock and Roll by Zep.
  11. I was watching an interview with Phil Collins and he said he didn't even like a lot of the old rock bands of the 60's and 70's so why did he play with Zeppelin in the first place? Anyway the simple fact is he couldn't and can't play even half as well as Bonzo did. He is an extremely overrated drummer.
  12. When people think about whether the Rolling Stones are the greatest band ever people automatically think about how long they have been going for and what they represent. With the Beatles it was about how groundbreaking, fresh, new and exciting they were. With Led Zeppelin people think about their music. Musically they are without question the greatest and through their music they show a clear message that they are the greatest band ever. Musically they went places no other band has gone and no other band will ever be able to go.
  13. Just like mightyzep247 when I heard the solo from Whole Lotta Love I decided to play the guitar and now I've been playing for a few months now. If it wasn't for Led Zeppelin though I wouldn't of been as much into music as I am now so I suppose I owe all of them.
  14. Led Zeppelin 3 simply for Since I've Been Loving You. No one has sung like he did on that song before and no one ever will.
  15. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Black Dog 3. Immigrant Song 4. Dazed and Confused 5. Stairway To Heaven
  16. Led Zepplein were always great at creating a unique mood and atmosphere in their songs. So if they listen to a song and like the general feel of it why not add different lyrics and riffs. Isn't Paranoid just Communication Breakdown in drop D or C whatever Ionni played it in?
  17. Led Zeppelin the 14th greatest band ever..............(Boyce laugh from Only Fools And Horses)
  18. I don't think it should simply because if they want to listen to Led Zeppelin they can go and listen to them in their own time. I know people who like heavy metal songs because they're on games like rock band when they mainly listen to pop, rap and hip hop. Otherwise they would despise the songs. People like that don't deserve to listen to led Zeppelin.
  19. Well I'm 16 and my dad listens to them and to be honest when I first started listening to music at around 14 I thought they were boring. Then I started lsitening to more and more music which sort of broadened my horizons if you will. Now they're my favourite band.
  20. I think the thing with led Zeppelin is any other band just didnt have the talent to creates songs such as Stairway to Heaven and Since I've Been Loving You AND THEN have songs such as Rock and Roll, Black Dog and the Immigrant Song. They had heavy songs but also blues songs, short songs and long, fast and slow and used many different instruments. Variety is after all the spice of life!
  21. Stairway To Heaven is the best alround solo Since I've Been Loving You creates the best atmosphere and mood Heartbreaker is the most defiant Whole Lotta Love is the coolest solo ever Dazed and Confused is the best played loud
  22. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Immigrant Song 3. Black Dog 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Dazed and Confused 6. Rock and Roll 7. Stairway To Heaven 8. No Quater 9. Communication Breakdown 10. Good Times Bad Times
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