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  1. I think that red disc was exclusive to Japan and not widely distributed elsewhere.
  2. Does anyone here know Mark Linchner? If he is a member of this board, I'd love to hear the story behind the alternate Coda.
  3. I was recently told the copies that had brown print on the outer bag are 1st pressings, and the ones with blue came out later. I don't know if that's true.
  4. This was the 1st US edition it has a silver disc with a red logo and rim, made in Japan.
  5. It may have something to do with the recent UK (European?) copyright laws that declare any sound recording becomes public domain if there isn't a physical release of it within 50 years after it is made.
  6. Better yet, tell us what's etched in the trailout.
  7. This likely was the incident that made Mike hate bootleggers.
  8. The red flags for me are the 'unreleased' and 'from the yet to be released...' text on the labels. No cutting technician or whoever would write anything subjective like that on a legitimate acetate.
  9. The thinner cover with the darker brown is later - If it has a catalog # 8236, it's from the early to mid-seventies; if it's 19128, its from 1977 or later.
  10. III and IV are original first pressings. With II, check the fine print at the bottom of the label - if the address is 1841 Broadway, it's a first. If it's Rockefeller Plaza, It would date to 1974. If it is a first, ; check the run-out etchings on both sides. If you see 'RL' then you can buy 500 lottery tickets and win a billion dollars.
  11. I am curious what is new with this edition.
  12. Thanks for the update - I have the purple and orange shirts with this design, but am still seeking a white one.
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