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  1. Looks like one just sold for $800. I wonder why this is (relatively) cheap when there is a Metallica 200-copy only release of similar vintage that goes for four figures... http://collectorsfrenzy.com/Details.aspx?id=380454130830
  2. I suspect the t-shirt in 2011 was listed on Ebay for $10K. Sold is another matter entirely.
  3. I collect any and all 8-track tapes. Some of my recent acquisitions... Top row: The first is Australian; the others are from Italy. Bottom row: The first is from Argentina, then the U.K. and a Record Club of America issue.
  4. Pb!

    Your Zeppelin Viny Bootlegs

    I don't know of any websites featuring vinyl, but you should keep an eye out for the old Robert Godwin illustrated collector's guides. The third edition from 1988. I have around 250-300 myself.
  5. I would guess pirate, because I think Atlantic knows enough not to put a 1969 copyright date on the Stairway side.Even so, it is very interesting and you would be able to resell it for the price you paid.
  6. $30 is reasonable to take a risk it may be a pirate. I suspect it may be a South African edition, but would need to read the fine print to be certain.
  7. There is a pirate with 'Hey Hey' on the b-side but with a misspelled 'Haven'. Does the seller say it was a USA pressing?
  8. Pb!


    This guy has been making a killing; it's interesting how the catchword 'reluctant' seems to double the price. http://collectorsfrenzy.com/Details.aspx?id=230790847813
  9. Impressive collection! The 'mystery' cloth bag is from Japan from the mid to late 70's.
  10. Pb!


    They will leave a receipt and you will have to pick it up at the post office. They will try to deliver again a few days later but I suspect you won't wait.
  11. Pb!


    I got a deluxe, too. I ordered it within one minute of its availability as I knew the window would be short.
  12. It was a buy-it-now on Ebay; it was not documented on collectorsfrenzy or popsike. The only sale recorded was 677 UK Pounds in 2009. It does have some black specks, to answer Craig's question.
  13. Pb!

    Ten Years Gone

    and Mandolin. FTFY
  14. It looks like it may be a mobile that came out for the first record; the complete mobile would have a large Atlantic logo, with this, a butterfly-shaped piece with Iron Butterfly on it, and a rectangular piece with Crosby Stills and Nash.
  15. Pb!

    Led Zep Live @ Maddison Square, 1976

    The fine print shows your edition is from 1990; it is basically worthless as a collectible.
  16. I bought this on ebay last year and paid $650.
  17. The going rate on this should be $2-4 thousand.
  18. JPJ produced and co-cwrote much of Madeline Bell's 'Comin Atcha' LP in 1975.
  19. Pb!

    HHWCID Japan 45 fade out

    I wasn't aware of a longer or shorter version. I have all those, so I will check and see...
  20. I bought this about a year ago and the seller told me it was pressed in the UK for export to a country in the Commonwealth that lacked facilities to press it there. The main difference from the regular press is the band in the center of the label is gold instead of white. There is also a gold sticker on the cover. Has anyone seen one of these before? Any idea where it may have been exported to?
  21. Pb!

    Mis-print LZI?

    It may as well be legit, but the seller's asking price is ten times what it should be.
  22. Pb!

    Led Zeppelin Swag

    Here is a smattering of my collection: