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  1. If you are seeking the best sounding vinyl, go here: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/ WARNING: Be ready to have your eyes roll into the back of your head.
  2. That Paranoid sticker is on the shrink, plus it doesn't look right either. A lot of posters from another forum (Waxidermy) have taken notice of this seller and have noticed something fishy about the shrink wrap too, and also some of the listings have hyperbole that sounds implausible, if not outrightly false.
  3. A Friend pointed out this Ebay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222132761556 Looking at this and other records this seller is listing, I suspect he has created his own hype stickers. Has anyone here seen this before?
  4. I would pass on this, especially because of the postage cost to the USA. If you just want to listen it's probably OK but if you were more interested in a display piece you should pass.
  5. Leiber/Stoller and Goffin/King are in my top 5.
  6. If you see something online you're not sure about post a link.
  7. My first thought is you overpaid but actually it is hard to find a clean copy of a classic title from the early 70's, and if you ever decide to sell it it's value will only increase. As far as 'original' vs. 'repress' I will use book collecting terms: The plum/maroon label versions are the 'first editions' - the one with the turquoise cover is a 'first edition, first state'. You copy with the green and red label is a 'second edition' as JTM mentioned; it dates from early 1972 to 1975.
  8. It's similar... it is missing 'Stairway'. And all the 'Oh, fuck!'s.
  9. It's actually a counterfeit. I don't know of any legitimate 1971 tour shirts.
  10. The adhesive issue is never an issue for me - I can always reglue it. Here is a handy guide.
  11. This is the version we are referring to...
  12. It's an audience recording - I would say if it's in like new condition you can pay $60-70 and be able to sell it at a small profit if you find you don't like it. Also if the price is literally 2 dollars and you didn't snap it up you would be too stupid to write complete sentences so I suspect you are some type of bot.
  13. I have the original vinyl boots of the '77 Cleveland shows; 4/27 was titled 'Destroyer' and 4/28 was 'The Destroyer'. I don't remember which was released first but they were not issued by the same 'company'. It's too much of a coincidence to think they just happened to give them the same titles; maybe there was something about the setup in that stadium that evoked the term. The Maryland and the other Cleveland shows were just the bootleggers not wanting to bother thinking up a new title.
  14. I disagree that large and xxl are the most common of any authentic shirts from the 1970's - I would say 99.9% of 'vintage' shirts sold online sized XL or larger were produced recently. The 1975 tour shirts were the first sold as souvenirs; any earlier than that were only issued to roadies and security, etc. and are very rare.
  15. The best advice I can give you is don't get in a bidding war or overpay for records in crappy condition. I suggest using site like collectorsfrenzy.com, gripsweat.com, and popsike.com, and use those prices as a guideline for what you should pay. I highly recommend Robert Godwin's collectors guide from 1990; his later ones concentrate on CDs. for example, here is a search for 'Badge Holders': http://collectorsfrenzy.com/search?q=zeppelin+badge+holders&so=e As you can see there are several different versions and the prices range from cheap to outrageous; that $641 one and tha
  16. You have it. Keep in mind the shipping fee is added to the final price and sometimes they are ridiculous.
  17. That is definitely a Mexican edition. Can you post the labels?
  18. Pb!

    Can You Identify

    I recognize another - the black sleeve below Roberts knee is a rockabilly single by the Phantom: https://www.discogs.com/The-Phantom-Love-Me-Whisper-Your-Love/release/3542957
  19. Pb!

    Can You Identify

    I can ID 3: On the left leaning against the rack are the Replacements 'Let It Be' and Fishbone 'Body and Soul'. Bottom right is a Muddy Waters record.
  20. 'Custard Pie' must be a double-entendre that is lost to me, but the key word in your comment is 'radio station'. Maybe the song is too risque to play on the air, but could still be sold at record stores. Th main tell for me is the exposed flaps in the inner gatefold, which I have only noticed in RSA releases.
  21. I think it is still a mystery. It's either South African or a UK import in a South African sleeve.
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