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  1. I sometimes think about what the '77 tour would have been like had it not been postponed 4 months (thats a long time). If I'm not mistaken, the band did not do 'any' rehearsals during this time, probably because of Plants voice, I'm sure. Page, by his own admission said he did not touch a guitar during this time, so they basically started their tour totally unrehearsed, thats scary (it sure would scare me). I really do think '77 would have been a different story if it had not been postponed 4 months.
  2. Let it go, man. This thread has moved back on topic. Enough already...once again.
  3. That was fucking great! What else can you say?
  4. "We Love the Crack" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hI7Mz1Mgz0
  5. Enough already. Lets get back on topic here.
  6. Let me just say 'I Fucking Love the Stones', and....I totally agree that, most (not all) Stone's records contain a lot of 'fat'. They weren't too interested in 'quality control' past 1971. Sure, they pumped out tons of records and made gobs of money, but they're good songs are just so damn good, I can't hold it against them. Lady Gaga...hands down.
  7. I'm not one the local experts here, but I've never heard this before. I think it is, could be wrong though. However, from what I'm hearing, its really good. The vocals are impressive, John Miles is somewhat of a chameleon with his voice. I had to check to make sure it wasn't Chris Farlowe, who sounds nothing like Plant, who he pulls off pretty good as well. Most of all though, the guitar sounds fantastic, especially the quick little riff at :12 Love to hear the rest of it.
  8. God, that was boring as hell! I'm sorry, but The Groove Remains the Same blows JBLZE away. They take themselves alot less seriously, have 'fun' doing it, and it ain't about making a bunch of money off of the name of Led Zeppelin. It is a true tribute to John Bonham, thats something I can appreciate. Sorry, I just don't get all the enthusiasm for a Zep cover band, especially a boring one. Sure, they manage to sound like the records, but note for note music never had anything to do with live Zeppelin, and never will. Also, I'd take any of the drummers from the Groove Remains the Same tribute over Jason in a heartbeat. Its called 'attitude', something Jason lacks, as does the rest of his cover band. The'yre all equally boring. But thats just me.
  9. Remember, it was "10 1/4" reels of guitar solos", not "10 take's". 10 reels of tape probably holds close to 4 hours of recording time. You could put 20 take's of the Heartbreaker solo on one tape....easily. I'm not buying it either.
  10. 10 reels of tape for a 45 second solo....really? All I can say is, listen to the solo, its 'very' loose (a little sloppy) and has no discernible cuts in it, much less 10. "Chopping away" at 10 reels is gonna' take more than one day, I can tell you that, I have a few tape decks, it takes time, and back then they had to physically cut tape as well. It sounds like the best of three to me.
  11. Anybody notice the similarity between the Yardbirds "Happenings" and Hendrix's "House Burning Down"? The music and drum beat during the verse is very, very similar.
  12. No offense, SAJ, but you really do come off as an accountant/bookkeeper (to me). The accountant sits in the office making corrections to everyones timecards and keeps the budget in order, but has no connection whatsoever to anything going on outside the office. I don't think I've ever read a post by you saying that you actually 'enjoy' anything, you just generally chime in when you've noticed clerical errors, or have some chronological info to post. You have enthusiam only when finding fault, and that is something that I totally disagree with. You're all business, but completely devoid of any passion. I find that....odd. This just my observation, I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time. Note* I am not putting you down at all, your information is very useful to many (though I'm not one of them, I'm more interested in the concerts/boots of Led Zeppelin than the corrections of historical minutia, myself). But, if you were to develop your own website (which you should seriously think about doing), you could have your own "On This Day" that feature's corrections to Page's website, or anything else that needs "fixing". I'd be a regular visitor for sure, as would many others.
  13. Whether or not Jimmy Page was 1/5 of Zeppelin (this is beyond debatable) has nothing to do with anything, as far as I'm concerned. Obviously, factual errors mean a lot more to you and others than it does to me. I really don't give a shit. Sure, I could wait for 'On This Day' to hit everyday and eagerly fact check it for mistake's and be the first to post my findings, it's easy enough, but I choose not to. The reason? Like I said, "I really don't give a shit". I'm just glad the guy is still alive and able to remember anything. But that's just me. Can't wait 'till tomorrow, mistake's and all.
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