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  1. Yamaha keyboard, I took lessons back in primary school. Totally forgot how to play it but I use it to tune my guitar
  2. My mum hates them. I can only listen to their music in my room with earphones
  3. Hi! I guess I'm a newbie to the forum too,but welcome ! I am also a teenage Zep fan and constantly bore my friends when I'm talking about The Band. I think that's why I joined the forum. I like to play guitar, sing with a drummer in my trivia club. I guess I'm just about as obsessed as you are since I can't sleep without listening to about an hour of Led Zeppelin and almost only play their songs. I totally agree with you about the Robert Plant part. The Green One
  4. Hi "Boris The Spider" I've listened to your tunes and they're great!:)I like the fourth one.
  5. Allison looks so old in this picture!
  6. I'm just curious why some of the photos are deleted/moved when I view them. Can somebody explain???
  7. The people in the trivia club at school think I'm obsessed with them and tease me for writing questionnaires with entire Led Zeppelin sections... I think it's because none of them can answer any of the questions. They can't even name a single band member !
  8. Got a 6/10 by guessing for the first question so I guess it's more like 5/10.
  9. Before April of 2009, music wasn't really important for me. I sucked in music at school, and my dislike for the (very mean:angry: ) music teacher certainly didn't help me appreciate it. I never clicked with the music played on the radio, and didn't like classical or baroque. It was spring break (yipee!) and I had nothing to do. I randomly clicked on a video on youtube and Kashmir by the mighty Zeppelin began to play! It litteraly blew my brains out, and I've been a Led Zeppelin fan ever since. :D I do feel alone sometimes because none of my friends like it, and my mom considers it j
  10. I think you're absolutely right! I also think that it's quite funny that you posted on my birthday
  11. It took me a long time, but I think these would be my favorite Led Zeppelin songs (at least for today). 1. Ten Years Gone 2. Since I've Been loving You 3. Achille's Last Stand 4. The Rain Song 5. Carouselambra
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