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  1. In the age of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, I think the exposure of talented acts like Led Zeppelin to younger generations is absolutely imperative. What better medium to garner this exposure than video games? I honestly don't see how opening up the eyes of literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of younger people who have never heard Zep before (at least knowingly) can be construed as a bad thing. Does anyone honestly believe everything the Beatles have accomplished has been diminished in any way because of their Rock Band game? Not wanting a goofy, cartoon representation
  2. Thanks LZG! It's actually from the gig at the Royal Albert. At least, that's when the pic appears on the Zep DVD, near the end of "I Can't Quit You Baby". Though it does look like it may been taken during Dazed and Confused.... I wish I could find a larger print, or even a poster, of this pic. It's brilliant, IMO. Cheers!
  3. 1. In My Time of Dying 2. When the Levee Breaks 3. Ten Years Gone 4. Over the Hills and Far Away 5. In the Light
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