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  1. In terms of 'serious' rock bands, I think Zep are rivalled only by The Who. I found a 6 CD set of Pete's demos from 64-78 last year, and it's an astonishing body of work, especially from 1970-73. Anyway, they showed a documentary last night over here, can't remember what it was called, but it's a recent one. It got me thinking about a story I heard shortly after John's death. We we TOLD it involved coke & hookers. But I have it on good authority that, in an end-of-the-session quest for the 'Ultimate Hit', John ripped a gas-pipe off the wall and started huffing on it. Apparently, Yank gas can get you HIGH. Has anyone else heard this tale? And can anyone confirm or refute the mind-blowing powers of Yank gas?
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