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  1. Country doesn't need saving, it needs SHOOTING. If country didn't exist, Robert Plant would probably still be ROCKING. QED.
  2. Well, Ian Anderson stubbornly managed to retain a lot of his English accent with Jethro Dull. Maybe that's why they were such a nauseating band.
  3. You're right there, Jimmy Page=King. Many have tried to emulate Zep, but failed dismally. I've been listening to this rock music stuff for 40 years now, I've pretty much heard it all, and Zep are totally in a field of their own, and that's simply all there is to it. Nobody TOLD me to revere them. Nobody TOLD me that, 38 years after first getting into them, I would still be of the opinion that there has NEVER been a band who would come close to their power, majesty and diversity. Anyone who disagrees with this is a cloth-eared buffoon with a head full of man-custard. And you can ignore Electrop
  4. Electrophile, WTF? Are they ranked in order? Is STH really your number one least fave? And if you now blame that on having listened to it too many times, why didn't you stop listening at some point, or just turn the radio off, and only keep the radio on say every 5th time you heard the opening strains? How can you say you prefer Hot Dog? Are you insane? (Wrong person to ask, I guess, but even so...) And you prefer Moby Dick to STH? REALLY? Maybe you should try listening to STH on endless repeat while you run your household and hoover around your 28 husbands - maybe the juxtaposition of the bea
  5. Fool in the Rain. Hot Dog, Carouselambra, Hots On For Nowhere, Four Sticks
  6. When The Levee Breaks Dancing Days The Rover Bring It On Home Ten Years Gone
  7. Levee was more of a 'studio' song I'd say, and all of its ethereal nuances are completely lost in the live versions I've heard. It just comes across as a lumpen thudder, which is a shame because it's definitely in my Top 5 Zep songs. I agree that Wanton worked very well live and should have been kept in the set. And why they never played The Rover will remain one of life's greatest mysteries.
  8. In terms of 'serious' rock bands, I think Zep are rivalled only by The Who. I found a 6 CD set of Pete's demos from 64-78 last year, and it's an astonishing body of work, especially from 1970-73. Anyway, they showed a documentary last night over here, can't remember what it was called, but it's a recent one. It got me thinking about a story I heard shortly after John's death. We we TOLD it involved coke & hookers. But I have it on good authority that, in an end-of-the-session quest for the 'Ultimate Hit', John ripped a gas-pipe off the wall and started huffing on it. Apparently, Yank gas
  9. Hey Toni-R-4-Robert, don't be too hard on Electrophile, she's really got her work cut out 'running a household' which doesn't include any kids.....that must be really tough. Thinks: maybe she's a Mormon? With 27 husbands?
  10. Well it would certainly be wrong to entrust the judgement to the record-buying public. Back in Black is the 2nd bigest selling album of all time, after all. And it's not even AC/DC's best album, FFS. We know nothing.
  11. It would be pretty sad to spend more than an hour a day on ANY forum, if you ask me.
  12. Crucifixion? Too good for 'em! 'Throw them to the lions!'
  13. The only Zep album with any filler is Coda, which is all filler really, I would say.
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