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  1. I got mine in the post yesterday . It's a very good album. Not as magnificent as Raising Sand, but it's definitely one of the best albums of 2010. Favourite track is Monkey I think.
  2. How many times is everyone in the media gonna ask him the bloody question?! Although it would have been nice if he actually said that they do meet up for tea and biscuits !
  3. Tangerine is also my favourite. Really beautiful song.
  4. In My Time of Dying hands down. Pure intense Blues awesomeness. The versions from Earls Court and the O2, especially the latter for me, are incredible.
  5. I'm happy with the fact that Robert is optimistic about making another album with Alison.
  6. It's a really fascinating documentary. Before I seen it, I felt that Jack White was trying to be too much like Jimmy Page, but I'm more appreciative after he mentioned all the major Blues artists. The sequence where Jimmy, The Edge and Jack play In My Time of Dying is sublime.
  7. At the end of the day, we should be grateful for what we have, which is the albums and DVDs, and the solo music. Plus, Robert's new album is released 2 weeks next Modnay so I'm mega excited , although I was hoping for Raising Sand 2. It's a shame to see all the hate poured out all over the threads. Where's the love?!
  8. The SECC isn't that bad a venue. Was this a sold-out gig?
  9. Circus isn't the word. It would be completely ridiculous. If Zeppelin went on an 18-month global assault on the world's stadiums and arenas, by the end they would have played to about 5% of their fanbase, demand would be that high. They would have to play 20+ nights in the same venue on one leg of their tour.
  10. Anyone heard the new Tom Jones album? A collection of Blues and Gospel covers from the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker and Sister Rosetta. It's excellent, and I think it's the sort of album that Robert Plant would do. The album has been controversial as the head of the record company to which Jones is signed sent an E-Mail to staff calling it a joke, proclaiming at one point, "I paid for a Mercedes and got a hearse". My favourite tracks on the album are Lord Help, Strange Things, Burning Hell and Run On. One of the best albums of 2010 yet.
  11. Yeah it must have been an intense, magical, unique yet overwhelming experience. You'd probably have to see it through his eyes to know the feeling. Loved the quote regarding the Gallaghers. I can't stand those two.
  12. Hi everyone ! My name is Paul, I'm 20, and I became a member by connecting with my Facebook account. Been a Zep fan for 3 years. Got introduced to them by a friend. Listened to the first 4 albums while staying with my sis as my brother-in-law, and immediately bought them soon after. For once I didn't start with a Best Of Compilation. Enjoy other tyes of Rock music. Went to see Green Day recently, and they were superb. Loving Robert Plant's solo work and Them Crooked Vultures at the moment. Like the majority of the planet, I'd love to see a Zeppelin tour, but I think they are
  13. I want to see him live but Edinburgh is too far for me. Glasgow is closer.
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