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  1. I just read the Mojo interview, and I spotted something nobody's commented on yet: "Yesterday he was thinking about doing Celebration Day", says Giovino. "But then he goes, 'Not a very popular song, though'. I'm like, 'Are you crazy?!' He says, 'But most of the people who liked it are now INCARCERATED'. What a thing to say about your own fans. Hands up who likes Celebration Day? And if you are now or have ever been INCARCERATED, keep 'em up. Hmmm..... He also refers earlier on to a comment he made to Alison Krauss - "You can't go back to those fat blokes with beards". Well excuse me for poi
  2. I discovered the 'magic painting' while I listened to ITTOD for the second time, and realised it wouldn't sound any better after repeated listenings. And because of this, the inner sleeve was moistened by my falling tears. There's some sad things known to man, but ain't too much sadder than the tears of a clown.
  3. God DAMN! What's your beef with CLOWNS, lady? I'm REAL MAD about this record cover. Seems to me this blasted hippy is taking our image in vain. And to cap it all, he's wrapping it around a goddamn HOE-DOWN! Me and the boys sure gonna have somethin' to say about this when the barn-dance hits the UK. Yes-sir-ee. And he'd better lose that goddamn back-drop too. DAMN!
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