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  1. Could you get me an oxygen mask right now please? Someone posted a pic of Jimmy by the pool....I'm dying!!
  2. Thank you for the info! I'll do my best to find a new photo of them....and i know i won't get it.
  3. Ok, it's not a hot picture! But i guess it's a new one!
  4. Thank you all!!! Now i see how wrong i'm writing!!!!hahahaahha I would like to fix my post!!
  5. Hello everybody !!! I can believe i'm back!! It's been a long time, i dont know how could i do it to my zeppelin fellings!!!! I can even right in english!! Love you all!!!
  6. hey...i'm still around!! How are you? thanks!!! I always loved yours too!!!
  7. My name is Luiza...duh!!!
  8. hahahaha.....it's true, i grew up listening to rock and roll...blame my parents I didn't know what i was listening but i liked!!!
  9. I'm 18, but i listen to led Zeppelin since i was 6!!!!
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