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    Motor bikes,my guitars,drinking and drugs.lots of drinking and druds.
  1. I don't know myself,but the whole lotta love ep must be worth a lot of money as zeppelin never released any singles and whole lotta love was the only one and it was only released in the states.when peter grant found out he was mad as hell and made sure no other songs where released on single.
  2. Yeah.it was in bolskine and he was on his oan and never mentioned a wife or kid.there was no childs room in the house and no kids toy's or anything to suggest a kid lived there.
  3. Firsly I'm a zeppelin fan.I think they're the greatest band anywhere ever.my girlfriend at the time drove us to the house.you go through two big iron gates at the front of the property.there's a little caretakers house at the front gate.you go up the drive to the house.it was a white house on the outside.it has one florr but with two attic rooms you get to by small winding staircases.his house was pretty sparse,but he had a grand piano in the main room.I played with one of his les pauls on a marshall head and one 4 x 12 cabinet he played some kind of fender(ithink) with a single pick up.I don'
  4. I've met jimmy and almost wet my pants when we started talking.
  5. page is the second greatest guitarist ever.

  6. Hi.I just found this site and I thought I would let you all know I was in jimmy page's house in the dores,loch ness.
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