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  1. Dancing Days Your Time is Gonna Come We're Gonna Groove The Girl I Love She Got a Long Black Wavy Hair Custard Pie Sick Again Hots On For Nowhere Candy Store Rock Night Flight For Your Life
  2. I like it, It's a cool song xD But I don't think is better than The Lemon Song. I have it on my Ipod, although I don't listen very often, and I really don't understand why Jimmy doesn't like it
  3. I was reading a while ago, about some shows of Led in Japan. Was great! Thanks for posting!
  4. I have been listening to The Who for a long time. They were one of the bands that really made me listen to real music. Since the first time I've listen one of The Who's songs (I think was Pinball Wizard) I became a huge fan of them. Because of the music, and the way they played (and still do). They are one of the best bands in the world, and that is a fact
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
  6. I don't know if someone already put this photos, but here they are =D Bye
  7. Unfortunally I met some idiots that keep saying that LZ is boring because of acustics songs like ''Going to California'' or ''That's the Way''. But what do they know? I just wish some day they realize that they're wrong
  8. It's very hard to pick one....just one...but I think it should be Physical Graffiti, maybe it's because it was the first one I bought, but is also because all the songs make me fell in a strange land (not in a crazy way =D)
  9. No...I still can't drive =( HYE watched a movie that everyone hated but you liked?
  10. 6... One of my favorites songs.... =D
  11. Gabi_Luz


    Hi there! Led Zeppelin is like...everything to me. =D And I saw this forum here, and I joined, so I can speak with others Led fans xD Bye
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