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  1. I'm afraid that the one and only question that comes to my mind is: "Will you marry me?"
  2. Look at this radiant smile, makes me warm all inside!
  3. 28 Scorpio, Taurus ascendant but does the age really matter in the end to be touched by almighty good music?
  4. Jimmy hands down! Like let's imagine i'm at the altar ready to say "Yes I Do" and by some mysterious coincidence Jimmy is passing by, i'll ditch the fiancé and run faster than Usain Bolt to scoop Pagey and get married to him instead in Las Vegas or some exotic caribbean islands u_u
  5. I don't know for London but the Paris date gonna have Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara as opening act =)
  6. This looks so unreal! It's like saying "yeah i forget to mention than next week i'll see Sir Robert Plant, yeah you know it's a normal stuff for me!" XD I can't wait!

  7. France? Française? Et une fan de Page de surcroit! Hello! ^^

  8. Tea For One I'm Gonna Crawl All Of My Love Out On The Tiles Gallows Pole Hots On For Nowhere Royal Orleans Four Sticks That's The Way and finally cause it's my "how can you be depressed/sad/gloomy after hearing the first notes" song: Hot Dog!!
  9. Since I've Been Loving You Whole Lotta of Love Stairway To Heaven Nobody's Fault But Mine Tea For One
  10. That is absolutely brilliant, so raw and powerful! Thanks Sam!
  11. Honestly i would be surprised to finally spot either of them! I'd feel very happy to meet Jonesy cause he seems (a bit) less intimidating than the others:P For Robert i would likely stay quiet and play the charming lady card, congratulate him on his whole career also push my luck and ask for an autograph! Now for Jimmy...same scenario but with a giant grin plastered on my face and maybe some starstruck oh and i'd ask for a pic and a hug of course!
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