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  1. the music that he plays does not do it to me. In fact, it does not do anything, I have to admit ( In terms of music Logan is farther from Robert than Jürgen is from Ritchie )
  2. excuse me, but he does not owe us any excuses lol. As for the rest - read (or watch) what he had to say recently, plenty of 'planty' sources around. That thread with lots of print media articles covering his very recent Tour could be useful.
  3. Like All the right moves, love the way kids dance, "space" scene is a bit weird though, but if you close your eyes right then is's passable LOL. Respectable mash, riffs represented excellently. Led Zeppeline frames are fantastic regardless of being 40 years old. Jimmy was right. and for that matter I would prefer the Whole Lotta of CSD vs. LZ vs. KP to
  4. Some news from Russia, St Petersburgh! I would take a liberty to post a link to someone else's blog with a fairly nice review (in Russian and lots of really nice photoes). When BOJ is in Kyiv, I will post my own photoes, hopefully. 27 JULY 2011, BOJ @ St Petersburg
  5. well, if it's a Mojo, it' snot a bad one, love this forum!
  6. nice pics, thanks! Good to see him move around, not just sitting around on some remote farm
  7. yeah, definitely, and I guess he really embraced the idea of that Led reunion way back in 2008. And since it did not come through it takes his some time to adjust to something different. Just my guess.
  8. earlier in the year he said he definitely wants to record, he's just not telling anyone anything, otherwise it will spoil everything. "the lost art of keeping secrets", that's it. Jimmy, I am rooting for you!
  9. I know you are very kind, it's a "welcome back" really, it's nice to be back I was "Vega", today I logged using Facebook account.
  10. ah, thanks, Glicinie, I looked for it but missed )
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/robert-plant-i-feel-so-far-away-from-heavy-rock-2063017.html
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