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  1. Thanks for the reply's all! Here's the newspaper ad I mentioned in my post that was stuffed away..... I'm hoping touring the site will stir up some memories of the '70s shows I attended especially the July '77 Zep show in Oakland. I recall where I was sitting with my friend Ben and the long wait for them to take the stage. I remember the stadium announcer saying something about Zep had just arrived or were on their way; something to the effect it would be awhile before they took the stage....does any one remember this happening on the 23rd??? regards Randy
  2. Hello Just found this forum, just great. I lived in Berkeley,Ca. between 1970 - 1984; mostly Fulten st. and College Ave. I had the opportunity to see some great acts. I moved there from Pittsburgh Pa. and before I left was able to catch Zep at the Civic arena on March 30th of '70. Still have the stub, but don't remember much about the show. I caught them next at the Berkeley Community theatre on Sept.14 1971 with my then girlfriend, also have both stubs and recently got the boot for that show. The other I remember was July23/24 1977 day on the green show. I remember waiting a long time for Zep to take the stage. That stub however I no longer have. I think I went on the 23rd, I generally went to the Sat. shows in general but don't know about this one...... I would like to upload the stubs I have as well as an ad I saved from the Sunday SF Examiner-chronicle for the '77 Zep show. I had shoved it and a Frampton ad in a book and discoved them a few years back. (I need to take a pix) Thanks for listening! Randy Lauderbaugh
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