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    Obviously I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN! My passion is to play guitar... Led Zeppelin only. I love shopping, technology and all sorts of other shit. I'm a true blue Aussie and love my country.

About Me

First off, Love my country Australia, I'm a true blue Aussie.

So, Led Zeppelin is my sort of music.  I pretty much hate all of the new age rap, hip hop, pop, dance, techno, pussy rock, screamo etc.  I see those genres as talentless and pointless and repetitive and repetitive and repetitive.  Especially pop and techno as technology doesn't make you any more creative than what you are i.e. Justin Bieber - someone who can't sing for shit, can't act or dance and can't write lyrics either. 

I only listen to real music, you know... bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimmi Hendrix, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses and pretty much all classic 50's 60's 70's rock.  I even don't mind the old blues like BB King, T-Bone Walker etc and I'm into a bit of the White Stripes and Metallica.  

Guitar is my passion / hobby / secret lover.  I play a Fender Squire Stratocaster, Epiphone G 1275 Double neck, a Maton F10 all through a Roland CUBE 20X with a VOX V847 Wah, BOSS DS 2, BOSS FZ 5 and a BOSS AC 3.  Tuner is a BOSS TU 12 and I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky .10 - .46 strings for a 6 string and D'Addario EXL150 Regular Light .10 - .46 for the 12 string. 

I also love trains for some reason.  I want to be a train driver some day.  

I love to go out with mates, go shopping, do whatever really.  Enjoy new technology like phones, computers, games etc...

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